For christians who believe gays &quot:choose to be that way&quot:, how do you explain Ted Haggard?

Clearly, he does not choose to be Gay, whether or not he chooses to act upon thoes feelings is another story, but how can you say someone chooses to be gay when an individual clearly such as this, even given the choice, would want to be straight?

I’m a Christian and I believe most people are born gay. I debate this with the ‘great unwashed’ all of the time.

I think Ted is homosexual. I think Ted is so hateful in that guise of a “strong christian faith” way.. because he’s in denial that he’s irrevocably, biologically homosexual. Homosexuality cannot be treated. You cannot CURE homosexuality.. because it’s not a disease. He should just write down all that craziness he’s always screaming down from Mt. Ignorance in his $1.25 journal, grab a parasol, a pair of four inch heeled knee-highs and join a parade. I do believe he’d feel much better then.


Look, I am neutral when it comes to the whole gay controversy. I am NOT pro-gay. I am NOT anti-gay. Because, quite simply, the Bible is clear cut on homosexuality being WRONG, it does NOT say desiring to have sex with someone of the same sex is wrong, but LYING (having sex) with someone of the same sex is wrong. And THAT is a choice. As for being ant-gay, judging another human being is wrong. We have no right. That is God’s place, and God’s place only. We do not make judgment on any of our fellow humans. In fact, doing so is a sin, in and of itself.

So, here’s my stance: the action of homosexuality in itself is bad. The person committing the act may not be, however. We, as humans, simply don’t know.

I leave it all in God’s capable hands. He is perfectly just, and he knows all. He knows well of what you are made (the cells that influence your thinking and your actions), and he knows of what your life has been and the impact this has had on you and your actions. So, honestly, I do not worry on this subject.

Hope that helps! Have a wonderful day!

Luv ya,
Tashi 🙂

Ted Haggard claims to be a Christian and lived that way for years, if he truly was a Christian God would have delivered him from that kind of lifestyle no wonder unbeliever are confused.

No one can explain Ted Haggard — except his meth dealer. What I find amazing is that the are still people who will defend this ambulatory bag of excrement.

you fail to realize the level of brainwashing that goes on in the modern evangelical church. It is equal to or if not, worse, than the brainwashing that occurs in the gay community. You are both brainwashers of the worst kind, both of you cry and scream, “Accept me! Accept me!” you both fail in my opinion.

Ted Haggard can’t even explain Ted Haggard……..

Bad example.

Romans 2:1.
The Ted Haggard is a homosexual meth user so I should be homosexual too is a very poor argument.

NO matter who it is, Homosexual sex is a choice. You can either choose to partake in the sin, or choose not to. And you are not born homosexual. Just like a pedophile isn’t born a pedophile.

Why would you think he didnt choose? He obviously did choose homosexual sex.

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