Does anybody have experience with the indoor/outdoor dog pottys? Or have any alternative ideas?

I have a 1.5 year old purebred Pekingese (10 lbs, Zelda). We just moved to a different apartment where there is very little grass for our dogs to do their business. Our previous apartment complex had a lot of nice grassy areas for them to go. She is not 100% potty trained yet, she seems to know that the preference is to wait to go outside but she does screw up about once a week (that we know of, it’s difficult to spot pee spots on dark carpeting. We have a patio here at the new place. Our plan was to get one of those kiddie wading pools, put dirt in it and then sod on top. Well, we live in Colorado and it is winter so I can’t seem to find sod anywhere unless I want to buy a minimum of 15 square feet online, and believe it or not we weren’t able to find just plain dirt to put in the bottom. So we got cedar shavings (the kind you put in hamster cages) and covered that with hay. All the dogs do is dig and eat it. So we are now looking into getting a doggy potty station. I haven’t been able to find one for less than $130 and I would like to know if it worked for anybody (rather than reading the testimonials on their website). $130 is a lot of money to be spending on a hope. Also if anybody has any better ideas for a set-up I would certainly consider those too. Thanks!

I have seen things on tv that are basically like litterboxes, but the are covered in fake grass. Apparently they are easy to clean. I would suggest this if your baby absolutely wont go unless on grass. How long has it been since you moved? If it was just last week or something, she could be a little confused, she is used to something and all of a sudden everything is different. It might get better, just stay focused on taking her out to whatever you choose to use as a potty.
here is one I found on the net for 20.00 bucks, you can look around for a better one if you want, but this would most likely do the job.

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YUCK! Take your dog outside to go. I live in Northern Idaho, just south of the Canadian border, and my dogs go OUTSIDE.

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