Do most Christians believe the Bible condemns homosexuality? Could it simply be a mistranslation? ?

If you’re wondering if there are Biblical passages which condemn homosexuals and homosexual acts, the answer is NO.

Most people, even priests and scholars, are unaware that the passages about homosexuality have been either misinterpreted, misunderstood, or intentionally mistranslated.

The story of Sodom and Gomorrah? That’s a warning against rape and inhospitality. The reason for Sodom’s destruction is made clear in Ezekiel 16:48-50. According to Ezekiel, the sins of Sodom were pride, laziness, being inhospitable, neglecting the needs of the poor, greed, and idolatry (the worshipping of idols). Nothing about homosexuality is mentioned.

Leviticus? Those passages were part of the Holiness Code which has been done away with and is no longer binding to modern-day Christians. Furthermore, the Bible never even connected Sodom to homosexuality. The Quran did in the 7th century, and Bible translators copied the idea. Earlier Jewish writings never made such a connection.

The KJV refers to Sodomites. But that’s a deliberate mistranslation. The Hebrew word means temple prostitutes. Temple prostitution was a feature of fertility religions, and as a result, was always heterosexual. People of both sexes would go to the temples, have sex with a prostitute of the opposite sex, and the money went into the temple treasury.

Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13 do not refer to lying with a man as with a woman in Hebrew. They forbid two men to lie down (for any reason) in a woman’s bed… especially regarding a threesome, where if a child were born, one would not know who the father of the child was.

1 Corinthians? Mistranslation – the word malakee in this passage is used elsewhere in the Bible to mean someone who lacks discipline or one who is morally weak, and never is it used in reference to sexuality or gender.

1 Timothy? Also a mistranslation. 1 Timothy was an admonishment against male prostitution, not committed, loving same sex relationships.

Romans? In the passage the Greek words physin and paraphysin have been translated to mean natural and unnatural respectively. Contrary to popular belief, the word paraphysin does not mean “to go against the laws of nature”, but rather implies action which is uncharacteristic for that particular person. An example of the word paraphysin is used in Romans 11:24, where God acts in an uncharacteristic (paraphysin) way to accept the Gentiles. When the scripture is understood correctly, it seems to imply that it would be unnatural for a homosexual to live as a heterosexual and vice versa.

When the Bible was written, procreation was extremely important. People of that time weren’t educated about procreation like we are – they believed that every man has a set amount of sperm that will eventually run out. They made homosexuality a sin, as they figured that would be a waste of sperm. The Bible also says masturbation is a moral sin for the same reason.

Nowadays, people just use the Bible as an excuse to bash gays. But REAL Christians couldn’t care less what your sexual preference is.

AND God destroyed Sodom and Gomorah because the people of those cities were rebellious and unhospitable to travelors who came there. Yes, the Bible says there were gay people there, but that isn’t the reason why he destroyed them.

1) Do most Christians believe the Bible condemns homosexuality?

Yes – at least, homosexual acts.

2) Could it simply be a mistranslation?

It *could* be – but by a huge margin the best ancient language scholars don’t think so.

3) If you’re wondering if there are Biblical passages which condemn homosexuals and homosexual acts, the answer is NO.

I wasn’t wondering – and the answer is “yes”.

4) Most people, even priests and scholars, are unaware that the passages about homosexuality have been either misinterpreted, misunderstood, or intentionally mistranslated.

Glad to know that you are so much more expert in the translation of ancient languages than accredited scholars. Clearly, I should throw my scholarly translations of the bible away and depend on you for a proper translation…

5) Sodom & Gomorrah

Not an issue.

6) Leviticus

You are only partially correct. This has *not* “been done away with”, but it is true that Mosaic Law – with certain exceptions – is something that Gentile Christians are not *required* to follow. Of course, they may if they so choose.

7) Lev 18 and 20

Although this particular passage is not required of Christians, you have clearly misinterpreted it in a way that contradicts your own statements about it.

8) 1Co, 1Ti

Here you’re way off. The word translated as “homosexual” (and only as “homosexual” in most bibles) appears only twice in the bible – in these very passages. It is transliterated “arsenokoitГЄs”…

9) Rom

What is the source of your claims? I hope it is better than your obviously erroneous claims regarding 1Co and 1Ti. This word is defined *exactly* as you describe it *not* to be defined – which makes me wonder whose dictionary you are using (other than a scholarly one, that is).

10) I might also add that if homosexuality had been such a hot issue, Jesus Christ would have mentioned it at least one time in the New Testament. He never once mentioned it.

This statement is so astoundingly irrational that it would be useless to point out the problems with it.


I personally believe that the Bible is no more factual than Greek Mythology. I am baffled all too often as to how a perfectly intelligent individual can twist his/ her reasoning to such a degree that they can verbally state they buy into the story written years sometimes centuries after the so called fact. Furthermore, why is it that Christians , if they wish to live a life of fantasy must also be certain that their neighbor believes the same theory? I mean what difference does my belief or disbelief in conduct and the afterlife have any affect on my neighbor. The human brain is certainly not very evolved when emotionalism can overpower clear reason. I do recall however when I was 10 and I pretty much knew there was no Santa Clause through deductive reasoning. I was however immature enough to stir myself into a emotional fantasy that I felt it more fun and comforting to just pretend that I believed. It seems e will always be master of I (emotion/ intellect) because the former takes less effort and honesty.

kurt Niziak

This has been going on for 2,000 years so let’s be clear.

Both in the old and new testaments, God / Jesus– remember He said “I and my Father are One.” Condemns homosexuality as a sin. Not a greater sin, or lesser sin, but a sin. Sin separates us from God. This is not “hatred” or “homophobia” so don’t try to shut down the discussion.

Mythbusted: The Bible is a direct translation of the original Greek and Hebrew texts. The Bible is not part of a long food chain of different languages, although some words may have slightly different and even stronger meanings than they do now. The original Hebrew if spoken today would be rife with politically incorrect statements. Cool!

This question and some of the answers are only attempts at trying to legitimize what God said is wrong.

Edit: “Nowadays, people just use the Bible as an excuse to bash gays. But REAL Christians couldn’t care less what your sexual preference is.”

No, REAL Christians keep the word of God and do what Jesus commands us to do. Real Christians stand for what they believe in and never waver. So never mind the “bashing” nonsense. I’ve stopped being PC.

Right on, sister.

In addition, it is impossible to directly translate a large proportion of the bible directly to english due to the many possible meanings of the words. This means any reading of the bible that you have in your house could very possibly have been mistranslated into english.

On another note. Even if translation was not messed up (we’ll entertain the idea), the bible is like the telephone game. If you pass down any piece of information for as long as the bible has been passed down, it is highly likely to change from its original meaning.

IN ADDITION – The church was the ruling power for many many years and had to keep people under control. Religion was used to do this in the past, and it is very likely that it was used in the case of the bible. Considering the church were the main record keepers in these times, there is no chance that any modification to the bible would have been noted in the records.

All said and done – If you’re a christian – Love God, Love People, Do what your heart and your mind (both given to you by God) tells you is right. Pray for guidance in times of need. That is all.

You raise some interesting ideas. Maybe a better place for this question would be in the religious section?

That Leviticus book.
Apparently there are many strange and twisted things said in it. When asked why the bigots are selective on what to support they don’t have an answer other than to claim other sections don’t apply because they (the church today) says they don’t apply. To me that says the church today knows better than the authors of the books intended to guide it.

Keep up the good work and do it often as people posting these ideas are helping others (today’s youth) to see how they are being condemned unfairly.

Modern translations of those passages don’t condemn homosexuality. The Bible is the living word of God and is to be understood in the context of today. With evidence that concludes homosexuality is determined at birth, why would a benevolent God condemn what he has made? I believe God can handle two men kissing each other.

The bible – or least KJ – condemns a lot of things. One of my favorite phrases – just because of the Shakespearian-like poetry involved – is “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live”. Nobody takes that seriously today although it’s pretty darned unequivocal. The last witch was burned up in Germany in 1717 – and then all the religious knotheads lost interest in them.

And yet the bible tells us to kill them – certainly we should never ‘suffer a witch to live’.

But the bible never even says “homosexual”. However all bible-thump pin heads are pretty much absolutely sure that Gawd don’t like no homos.

What a lot of lunacy religion is! Too bad it can’t be just nice stuff and not deadly, punitive, ugly and brutal stuff.

All references in the bible mentioning homosexuality at all are in the old testament. Jesus often referred to the old testament and said “In the past you were taught this, but I tell you otherwise”. For example, in the past you were taught an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, but I tell you to forgive and turn the other cheek. So, the jury is really still out on what Jesus would say or how God would judge. Work it out for yourself, treat people well and don’t worry what other people tell you.

The old testament is full of ridiculous crap that should be ignored. Here are some good examples:

Hosea 13:16 – “The people of Samaria must bear their guilt, because they have rebelled against their God. They will fall by the sword; their little ones will be dashed to the ground, their pregnant women ripped open.”

Psalms 137:8-9 – O Daughter of Babylon, doomed to destruction, happy is he who repays you for what you have done to us he who seizes your infants and dashes them against the rocks.
For six days, work is to be done, but the seventh day shall be your holy day, a Sabbath of rest to the LORD. Whoever does any work on it must be put to death.

For anyone who curses his father or his mother shall surely be put to death; he has cursed his father or his mother; his blood is upon him.

Point is that Christians are people who follow Christ. For this reason the old testament should be ignored, and only the Gospels considered.

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