Can you remember your last dream? Have you ever had a dream of one of your contacts?

Last night i dreamt i was in your arms and you were gazing into my eyes & you told me you loved me…you said i was the only one for you!

Yes, I do remember my last dream. One of my contacts was actually in that dream. I consider him more than just a contact though, he’s a really good friend.

Last night I dreamt I was getting a tattoo on my left arm.

I’ve not dreamt about any of my contacts, but there are 1 or 2 I would like to dream about…

I don’t usually recall my dreams. But a few days ago I did dream that somebody was poking me in my ribs with a drumstick.

I haven’t had dreams of any of my Contacts… Something to look forward to, perhaps.

Haha yeah, my dream was very weird last night. I’ve never dreamed about any of my contacts. Maybe you can be the first. 😉

Haha, just kidding.

No i can’t remember, but i have had dreams of my contacts

i cant really remember it was something like i was gonna meet my mates in a park, but no-one turned up then i was being followed home :S i remember it freaked me out

i dont think ive ever dreamed of a contact

smile 🙂

Haha, yes last nights dream was crazy.

And yes, I have had a dream with one of my contacts : ) it made me happy.

tes i dream that i got lost in an island and that nobody came 2 rescue me from that place and that this unknown person came to rescue me isn’t this wear and yes i have dream of you having fun at a party

Yes but it was more of a nightmare than a dream.

i cant remember last nights one no and i very been here two years of course i have dreamt of several and not only in a naughty way either lol this place gets you like that sometimes lol

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