Can you buy a pregnancy test if your 13?

I have no reason to, I’m just wondering. I’m not even sure if you can (hence the question) but if you can, then wouldn’t it be really awkward for the person at the cash register and you?

Oh, the reason why i asked this is because there were a few Q’s about pregnancy and I was watching degrassi not that long ago, and I was wondering how Mia got her test. (if she did get one?)

Nope it wouldn’t be awkward, in fact people can legally buy a pregnancy test at any age and the person at the cash register won’t not even once question you about your age, especially since we’re now in a recession, any sale that they make is a good thing for them and as a result they won’t try to scare customers a customer like yourself away by refusing to sell you a product like a pregnancy test or making your buying experience awkward or bad just because of your young age, to them you’re just a customer and age doesn’t matter to them, in fact the only thing that does matter to them is if you have the money to pay for that pregnancy test that you want to buy, and not whether you’re young or old and the same thing goes for condoms and any other form of legal contraception as well.

Yeah, you can get a test at any age. I mean legally, youre not supposed have sex under the age of consent where you live, but once you have sex they cant stop you from knowing if youre pregnant or not. Its the same thing with condoms, lubricant or any other products like those that can be found at the drugstore.

No, it wouldnt really be awkward. I guess if you were still immature about sex and still thought the word “vagina” was funny, then it would probably be awkward, but for anyone else it isnt. The cashiers at the store honestly dont care what you are buying, theyre just doing their job.

Yes, there’s no age limit on pregnancy tests

Canadians are different. They’re skanky.

I’m sure since people get pregnant at 13 these days you can buy a pregnancy at that age too :p

oh yeah you can buy one at any age just like condoms. oh hahaha i love degrassi! i think the show bought it. for her or the director

You can at any age…. you don’t need ID like you would if you were buying beer.

I mean they can’t prevent someone from wanting to know if they are pregnant or not no matter what age they are.

Of course you can and on your way out make sure you wink at the cashier ; )

You can be any age. The person could think you’re older, you’re buying for a friend, your sister your mom..they don’t care.

The directors for the Degrassi show bought it for her.

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