Why have only 2 of the 12 most recent Presidents had lower approval ratings than Obama for this point in their?


Gallup: Obama’s approval rating ranks 10th of 12 most recent presidents

Don’t worry. Give Obama a little more time and I’m sure he will surpass the levels set by those other 2. His legacy will be that of the President who destroyed the one time greatest nation on earth. Our grandchildren will be reading about the U.S. in their history books along side other countries that no longer exist.

Obama 57%
G.W. Bush 53% 6/2001
Clinton 39% 6/1993
G.H.W. Bush 67% 7/1989
Reagan 59% 6/1981
Carter 62% 7/1977
Nixon 58% 7/1969 (Gallup)
Kennedy 75% 7/1961 (Gallup)
Eisenhower 73% 7/1953 (Gallup)


Only clinton and GW Bush were worse, and Bush by only 6… clinton was dismal.

Obama is spending money we simply do not have.

George W. Bush 90% 5 10/2001
George H. W. Bush 88% 8 3/1991
Harry Truman 87% 3 6/1945 (Gallup)
Franklin Roosevelt 84% 9 1/1942 (Gallup)
John F. Kennedy 83% 5 4/1961 (Gallup)
Dwight Eisenhower 79% 11 12/1956 (Gallup)
Lyndon Johnson 79% 9 2/1964 (Gallup)
Bill Clinton 73% 24 1/1998
Gerald Ford 71% 3 8/1974 (Gallup)
Richard Nixon 67% 19 11/1969 (Gallup)
Ronald Reagan 67% 18 4/1981
Jimmy Carter 64% 20 4/1977

Same source

Let me know when obofraud catches up to the highest rating ever… GW BUSH.

Because obama promised change he just didnt really say in what direction….and people voted for him and they got what he promised he is an evil man just has a good smile and is a good talker….just means the other 2 presidents were even worse or people are just dumber these days and cant see how bad obama really is

You have it nailed. Him and those other two, Just on a downhill grade
with 40K on and no brakes. that is Barack Hussein Nobama.

because if your platform is change you better change something, not just put us in more debt. we could have done that on our own

because those 2 sucked to!

Do You really get your news and propaganda from a conservative blogger site .

It’s the economy, stupid.

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