why do people believe in god?

I posted this question a little bit ago and got some pretty good answers but and my views changed a little bit so now i have new questions.

1. God creating evolution makes quite alot of sense but if he created it then what would be the purpose of him.

2. People can never answer this question, where did he come from? i dont get how a god can appear out of nowhere and randomly decide to make a universe.

3. If god is powerful enough to make a universe and living beings, why doesnt he make himself known? wouldnt he/she/it want to make itself known to its creations? And please dont start on the jesus subject.

4. This doesnt have anything to do with the question but i really wanna know, why do people look down upon marijuana? He obviously put it here for a reason considering it has many medical uses and has been used for thousands of years in several cultures and as it says in the bible make full use herbs marijuana is a plant/herb not a drug, drugs are man made. Dont use that devils plant bullshit on me its all propaganda.

5. Why do so many people think extra terrestrial life doesnt exist and god made life on only earth

Fear of death, and the promise of redemption.

imagine life without love? love is god.

becuase he is the greatest

because he exists..

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