When is it OK to tell another parent about something their child said?

This subject does not concern safety of the child, necessarily. But it could. The child has an attitude, peer pressure, and information that may lead to sexual adventures at an early age. The child also trashes parent and other adults in their life. Probably even trashes me to other adults. I have asked child if they are still going to counselling, but was unable to determine their truthfullness with counsellor.

It has to be told because it is like a fire. When it touches the petrol it burns and can cause disruption. same thing here, if the child is not taken care of, it will get worse as he grows up.

Definately tell the other parent and confront them, but chances are it will not affect a thing. They may be deadbeats and not care one scrap about what their child does or doesn’t do.

The biggest thing is teaching your children because of this, teaching them that this is what happens when they (drink, do drugs, don’t care, etc.) Your children matter to you (and me) so teach them that the behavior by those kids is strange, different, not ok, etc, your child will get the hint. Be an adult when dealing with them and dont lose your cool, I know its tough sometimes, but your child (children) will see the difference……

It is always our responsibility to inform parents of things which may jeopardize a child’s health or safety, which includes sexual issues. A good parent will not be defensive, but rather thankful for the information.

initially difuse the undertaking that already exists, to your man or woman sake. in case you be responsive to they are approximately to bypass to, take a cloth ie Ttowel etc and jam it on your mattress room door and the different room which you do no longer decide for this new child in. If there’s a hallway then purchase a good infant gate and lock it! Secondly, stay calm and friendly and undergo in thoughts it is your place nevertheless. If the youngster is going to do what you do no longer decide for, handle the confirm lightheartedly and say something like, Sorry. are you able to get her to stay interior the play room please, ‘… infant… is slumbering stunning now” or Please stay down this variety, it fairly is not a new child play section down there, i could choose if the infants stayed down this variety. I even have been there, and performed this. confident it replaced into intimidating to think of of, yet to my ask your self each and each pal reacted actual and in certainty took the comparable steps interior of their very own homes, while they realised it replaced into alright to do! As for no vacationing in the time of sleep circumstances… hogwash! you may desire to nevertheless safeguard a existence, friendships etc interior of real looking limitations. I even have 3 youthful who sleep at distinctive exercises! i could on no account be waiting to have absolutely everyone close to the domicile under those regulations 🙂 basically don’t be afraid to announce that infant is asleep and mutually as conversing to Mum, supply eye touch to omit 3yr old so she is familiar with you’re aiming it at her! LOLaughs, they do certainly be responsive to, 3 isn’t as youthful as some have self assurance!!!

When he is under 1yr old, u can say anything to their parents what the child has said. The child also will have no problem for that. For the above ones, if you look such things you cannot tell any day. You must just say to their parents. Afterall, it only affects them good.

Unless they’re bullying or you don’t care about this childs privacy or whether they’ll hate you or not, it is NEVER OK to rat a kid out to their parents. It’s really none of your business, and if she wants to tell her mum, she can. Do NOT ruin their relationship over this. You should actually probably stay right away from this child. I know you’re concerned, but its best to let these things sort themselves out. If it’s really that bad, she’ll SEEK help.

I’d tell the parent I’m concerned about some things their child mentioned, and because I care about that child, and them as parents, and because I’d want to know if it were my child…I hope they don’t mind my coming to them in confidence to discuss it with them.

It sounds like if someone doesn’t say something to someone to help the child, she or he is going to go down the wrong path.

It’s really good when someone cares enough…like you do. 🙂

I hope this helps…

I would rather that you stay out of it unless you want trouble. Let the parents learn the hard way. On the other hand, maybe the parents are already aware of what’s going on but do not know what to do. Stay out of it!

all chidren have sexual adventures at an early age with other children
this is normal

better talk to the child ,not the paernt
that will put the kid against you when it comes out

right away, parents should always know what’s going on in their child’s life no matter how old the child is, doesn’t matter.

Why all of the dumb answers. Obviously just children. Some people are just ignorrant on here, aren’t they?

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