When gay marriage was legalized in CT, why didn t it cause such an uproar like it did in CA? ?

For some reason, Connecticut seemed to take it better than California. Plus they rejected an opportunity to vote on it in Connecticut (they rejected opening a constitutional convention), so the right-wingers can’t scream and cry about the will of the people and activist judges. Are people from Connecticut just more tolerant in general? It certainly seems like the northeastern US is a lot more friendly when it comes to that stuff.

The conservatives felt threatened by such a large state having gay marriage legalized.

Most of the funding for prop 8 came from out of state, and a large majority of it came from the Mormon church in Utah. Why didn’t they make such an uproar when gay marriage was legalized in Massachusetts and Connecticut? Because those are smaller states that don’t have the same power and influence that this state does.

Gay marriage should be legal. I know gay people who would love to be married, and they’re no harm to anyone. They were so happy when gay marriage was legalized here, but then the conservatives stepped in and used religion as a weapon against the right to get married.

The northeastern US is extraordinarily white and liberal.

Places like California contain large numbers of minorities, which often vote Democrat for economic, not social reasons. Many African Americans and Hispanics are highly religious and therefore socially conservative.

Connecticut is a smaller state. Really no comparison politcally or economically to cali.

Right wingers voted on Prop 8, and that’s it?!?!?

Ha ha…you’re talking about the most Liberal state in the country.
Many Democrats voted for Prop 8 as well.

70% of black voted for Prop 8
65% of Hispanics voted for Prop 8.

It was the Mormon Church that caused the uproar in California. Funding a “war of intolerance”.

They Mormon Church would have been sent packing from Connecticut..

CT has a very small minority population and minorities in the US tend to be overwhelmingly anti-gay and socially conservative

it is illegal in ca. that’s why there raising hell.ca is the land of fruits and nuts and a major amount of liberals,that even after the people spoke they are trying to change it.there again forcing there beliefs on every one

The “uproar” in California was caused because it WAS NOT legalized.

You know what they say about Texas well only the second part is true about Conn.

Why don’t you ever mention that many blacks and hispanics are against gay marriage. I think it should be left up to the state.

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