what is slowest 0-60 and quarter mile car in modern times?

My guess is a non-turbo 2.2 k-kar or a 80s oldsmobille 98 deisel.others?

This is easy, the 1982 Volkswagen Vanagon Diesel.

A big breadbox with a 48 hp 1.6 liter diesel. The top speed wasn’t much over 60 mph.

makes you K cars and oldsmobile diesels look like sports cars.

Slowest in the last few years has to be the Hummer H1, they were nearly 20 seconds 0-60, and also slower than your two above.

haha its my chevy lumina its 0-60 is me pushin it down the hill hoping it goes that fast lol srry i jus thought it was funny

the smart car. haha

a metropolian nash 0 to 60 in 30 sec but that was in 1954 idk now


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