what happens whe the swine flu reaches level 6?

what will happen if the swine flu goes to level 6 what will happen and what will they tell the public to do,and what kind of supplies are needed

some people will use masks, carry around hand sanitizer, wash hands, avoid crowds.
If it goes to level 6 then yeah we should be worried about catching it. Some people are taking this whole business nonchalantly, as if they are not going to get it. However, it is spreading, and fast. Be extra careful!!

There could be many possibilities.
Some schools closed down b/c one person “possibly” had this flu.. so if more people have it, summer vacation can start early for the little kiddies?
Everyone will probably have to wear masks..
You just have to sort of try really hard to prevent yourself from getting infected w/ it. Just be really hygienic..
I’m just worried to give up a lot of things..
Going to the mall would be impossible, how will we go out and buy food?, how can we ever go on vacation to the beach, amusement parks, and travel outside of country?? We’re gonna be like prisoners.
I hope this doesnt turn into a nightmare

It’s a precautionary phase. These phases, from what I’ve read, do not take into account the severity of the virus, which has so far been about a 10% death rate. Meaning about 90% of the victims have recovered. It could get worse, yes. But keep in mind, The phases seem pretty much based on how bad it’s spreeading.

Taken from the source

“The WHO’s Phase 6 is the pandemic phase, characterized by outbreaks in at least two regions of the world.

Many experts think it may be impossible to contain a flu virus already spreading in several countries.”

The government will get more control and we will be living under tyranny. I think this whole thing is a tempest in a teapot and the media needs to shut up and stop acting like they are in a Stephen King novel.
btw a virus can pass through a mask

Shut down borders and instill martial law. People will be forced into quarantine etc. It would be a VERY VERY bad thing. I have been watching this thing and it makes no sense they have it at this level. I am not into conspiracy theories but this is too strange. I don’t know but either this is political or they already know about this strain and what it can mutate into.

I can take my swine flu up to eleven

No one will give me a look of death at my N95 mask. Supplies…..Vitamin C, tamaflu,latex gloves a little bit of hope, and common sense.

Government spends alot more money stopping it basicly means more stress and deadlines shorter but higher urgency and effect and higher taxes probly 🙁


that explains the phases.

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