What causes people to become atheists?

Different reasons.

You make atheism sound like a disease that someone can catch. That just ain’t the case. Instead, given the number of atheists I’ve met and spoken with, they’re usually very intelligent people who’ve looked at various religions and come away thinking it’s all bogus. Manipulating fairy tales of the highest order. Science, with it’s burden of proof, becomes far more interesting and exciting for them.

I’m not an atheist myself, but I’d much rather hang out with them when compared to fundamentalists. At the very least, an atheist will provide interesting, thought provoking and very lively discussion! The fundamentalist, on the other hand, will speak in deluded absolutes and use the threat of an imaginary place called hell in the attempt to swing your beliefs their way. Sad really. So much of the brain gone to waste.

I guess it would depend on each person.

I have a friend whose husband is atheist — he is so because he cannot rationalize a God who would allow suffering.

My husband is not an atheist, but he does not believe in religion or in a specific God, he believes in a higher power only (and has no opinion on what that higher power is). His working up to that dealt with his overly strict upbringing in what some would call a cult and then some horrible experiences with religion as an adult. He feels God is just a higher power that we know nothing about.

Depends on the individual, I think

hi..really it is a fine question. i am eager to answer. i disagree in some points on the question. First you say people to become athiests.. it is not correct. All people not becoming as an atheists. it can be taken as a handful of people only becoming atheists. There may be several reasons to become atheists. Their approach with God may got not workedout, Their approach with the religion they belong not heard by the some heads. They may have so affefction with someone who left the earth. They may have some uncleared doubts about God on their point of view and even if an explanation offered, they are not in a mood to take it. so, there may be reasons and it is sure, that only on some reason they turned to atheist.. may i say one secret? some men/women openly declare that they are athiests, but many God believers are doing as they have faith in God, but it is not true. in my point of view they are the real atheists. The people turned atheists are despressed, some hateness, suffering from others, some dif of opinions, etc., may lead them. This is my opinion.

“here’s to atheism” shows the love and tolerance taught, apparently. And he said atheists are atheists because of hate but yet his photo shows a huge middle finger to atheism. If that doesn’t show hate and intolerance, i dont know what love is anyomore..

I had many reasons for becoming atheist. leading from evidence, to contradiction(in the bible and quran), and honestly, the huge amount of violence in them. I used to think that god was evil and selfish(sorry for those who believe in him), because even at that young age, i realized how much religions emphasized on believing in him rather than on other subjects that i find would do the world a whole lot better. but as i grow older, i realized that religion to me is man made, male-dominated(to follow the way society was back then)..etc..

Most people i think have a bad moment in life where there thoughts on God changes others just dont believe because of science. Just because people are Atheist doesnt make them evil or a bad person. Dont hate on Atheist’s…doesnt the bible teach you not to judge?

they get misguided from the right path this is a challenge to all the atheists who deny god who created the universe it didn’t pop out of nowhere every thing needs a creator as far as god is concerned we humans cannot understand some thing which has no begining and no end the god says in the quran that we humans have only been told as much as we can understand

Usually a bad situation where “God” didn’t come and save them. Maybe a depressing lifestyle as well, which causes them to lose all “faith” in a higher power. Also, lack of evidence for the things other religions claim is “truth” or “real” or whatever. Never witnessing miracles is a huge factor among it.

In my case (ex-Christian atheist) it was prolonged study of the bible, its history, and church history, interlinked with reading in other areas. (Physics, biology, cosmology…)

I didn’t *start* looking for a way out, but with the aim of only teaching the bible truly. It took years to conclude that the only thing I could honestly do was become an atheist.
(though starting in Christianity, I did consider other theistic possibilities in the course of my deliberations.)

religious people do. they give false statement like how many hours it took God to make the grand canyon and giving details on Noah’s flood and other stories including the rainbow that had to be here before any people were on this plantet to see it. The far fetched stories that have been manufactored over time and have been proved wrong and merely myths.

Most of the people who label themselves as atheists are not atheists at all. They are just reacting to a negative religious upbringing. Having finally seen the conflicting nonsense that religion told them as a lie, they assume that everything that religion told them must be a lie to. God included.

So they sort of throw the baby (God) out with the bath water (religion)

Love and blessings Don

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