the lowest possible electoral vote Obama can have is 272, repubs believe obama will lose bright blue states?

Look there aint no possible way obama will get less then 272, your telling me hes going to lose nevada, new mexico, colarado, virginia , north carolina, montana, new jersery, missori, florida, ohio and pennslyvania, Arizona,

what are the odds of mccain wining all these states, which currently obama is winning 95% of them?

Whoa. Easy there big fella.

Let’s not count our elctorals before they’re hatched.

We’ve got to get out there and vote. Vote with a vengence! Vote like you’ve never voted before! Don’t take any crap off that voting machine! Push those screens or pull those levers or check those boxes like you mean it! Make your voting place sore in the morning!

Obama / Biden ’08

Yahoo map shows north carolina and missouri too close to call, and arizona is red. Most of the rest of those polls are within 5 points. McCain could easily win. Either way, it’s going to be close. The country is very divided. It would have been nice to have a more centrist democrat run this year, it probably would have been a landslide. But Obama turns away even some dems.

How to Rig an Election: Confessions of a Republican Operative
Good Book

Actually, the lowest possible electoral vote Obama can have is ZERO! Neither candidate has any electoral votes right now.

the odds of McSame winning are equal to an ice cube’s chance in hell.

their delusional. they just need proof on Tuesday to cry.

Obama 08

It sure looks like Barack has it all sewed up. 🙂

Not very high.

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