i’m going with my Jets this season. They are serious contenders with that defense, Cromartie and revis, jenkins will be healthy, tomilinson and greene at RB, sanchez is only getting better

Im going with a Packers vs Jets or Dallas vs Jets superbowl

It going to be the Jets VV the NFC NORTH So either the Packs or Vikes

I love how people, including you, saying that Jets and Packers should be predicted into the Superbowl 45. They’re both of my favorite team.. However, it is a little too early to tell if they’re superbowl worthy. I am sure that both of them are playoff worthy. I wasn’t happy that Jets lost Thomas Jones. He did extremely well with the running game. Who knows if LT can handle as much Jones did all of the work? I think that Mark Sctwarz may throw the ball a little more than he had, because he has a little more experience. He ISN’T like Aaron Rodgers. Last season, I was pleased to hear that he made his first pro-bowl appear. He is getting more recognized with his throwing skills and ability to run from pass-rushers. I am ignoring the fact that he got too many SACKS in the beginning of the last season… Since Aaron Kamplan has signed with the Jaguars, I am not sure how it would affect the defenders. Al Harris and Charles Woodson ARE NOT getting any younger, but I know that they still have at least two years in them.. For the future draft picks, I hope that Packers will consider to get first or second round picks for corner backs. The defense still needs work and offense linemen needs some upgrading..

For the superbowl prediction, I think it would be Ravens/Chargers vs Cowboys/Saints/Vikings (if Favre stays). That isn’t what I would like to see…

New Orleans Saints-34 Houston Texans-27

If Favre comes back I’m going with Jets vs. Vikings. If he stays retired I think its Jets vs. Packers

It is to damn early to predict due to the fact that training camp is still months away and the draft is not even close. If we were to keep the same rosters as last year then my prediction would be

Vikings VS Jets with Vikings winning in a blowout.

second option would be Vikings VS Colts with a tight game with Vikings still winning.

The Arizona Cardinals with Matt Leinart will again go to the Super Bowl for the NFC. The Jets or Ravens will represent the AFC. The Cardinals will win another great game by 10 points in the end. These teams are all young and may be in several Super Bowls over the next few years.

The Jets look good and i was sooo happy when they went to SD and beat up on the Chargers in the playoffs. HA!

Lions over Raiders

Colts vs. Vikings(If Favre returns, which more than likely *gag* he will)

MY COLTS WIN 31-28 in a signature Peyton Manning 2-minute drill.

He didnt choke. He did what he does a lot which is the only thing I dont like about him: Tried to make a play that wasnt there. Im done for 2 reasons:
1. More than likely ill lose this argument.
2. arguing on the internet is like…I was gonna say it but id probably get reported.

Steelers over Packers

@ YOU MUST DIE … I like Peyton Manning but, as unfair as it may be, his signature two-minute drill is now what happened at the end of Super Bowl XLIV. That’s what happens when you screw the pooch on the biggest stage of them all. When you try to make a play that’s not there, and it doesn’t work out, you have officially choked.

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