Past vs. Present Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and Larry Bird vs. Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, and Kevin Durant?

You have a 3 on 3.
I tried to do match ups such as PG on PG, SG on SG, and SF on SF. But Magic Johnson being 69′ at PG is hard to match up with another PG. So, I have LeBron James on Magic Johnson, Kevin Durant on Larry Bird, and Kobe Bryant on Michael Jordan. You can mix up the match ups if you want.

I’d say the new team, unless Jordan takes over the game.

PG Position: LeBron will suffocate Magic on defence. He’s too strong and fast. Magic can’t keep up. Magic’s shot is just as bad as Lebron’s maybe even worse. Also, Magic’s passing is only effective during fast breaks, which won’t happen during a 3 on 3. As long as LeBron keeps Magic out of the paint, he wins this matchup.

SG Position: Jordan beats Kobe. No explanation needed.

SF Position: Bird is good, but look at how he shoots. He has a hinge shot, which means he pulls the ball back behind his head then releases while throwing the ball forward. This causes the ball to go relatively straight and that’s where Durant’s lanky arms come into good use. He’ll swat that shot, no problem. Also, Bird isn’t even half the athlete Durant is. He’ll never stay up to pace with Durant let alone guard his long, 6’10 frame. So Durant wins this match up too.

All in all, both teams are amazing but I’d have to go with the new team. Even if Jordan starts isoing, LeBron can leave Magic open outside and come in for the double team. Magic’s shot is mediocre so LeBron shouldn’t be too afraid.

I’d take the old timers. They are all terrific all around players and champions.

Kobe = champion
LeBron is sorta a champion. But he will win more.
KD isn’t yet. And MJ and kobe sort of cancel out because they are pretty much the same. MJ = a little better
I’m guessing magic vs LeBron. Magic isn’t as athletic… So I gues LeBron would take him.
Larry and Durant are both terrific shooters, but I think Larry is better.

MJ > Kobe
Magic < LeBron (it's tough but can magic contain LeBron? And we saw how LeBron SHUT DOWN Kevin Durant)
Larry > KD

i will preface this by saying magic johnson is my favorite player of all time but kobe lebron and durant would win going away whlie jordan was a great 1 on 1 defender magic and bird could not matchup with lebron and durant in a 3 on3 format. magic and bird were good team defenders because they had hall of fame frontline players behind them.if they had to man up lebron and durant they wouldnt have a chance.

Only way present can win is if Magic, Bird, and Jordan play at their current ages. Prime? It’s a rout for the past. Best point guard of all time, best shooting guard of all time, and best small forward of all time. Plus Lebron is the only decent passer on his team.

Cant compare players from different eras.

MJ is overrated

alonzo gee, brian scalabrine, and kwame browne would take them all.

MJ is not overrated

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