my 2011-2012 nfl prediction what do you think?

wildcards-steelers and colts


wildcard rounds
ravens vs colts 24-21 colts win OT
steelers vs raiders 21-17 raiders surprisingly win
divisional rounds
texans vs colts 28-21 texans win
patriots vs raiders 30-10 patriots win
AFC championship round
texans vs patriots 28-27 texans win

wildcard rounds
seahawks vs lions 21-16 lions win with comeback
giants vs falcons 21-17 giants win
divisional rounds
saints vs packers 28-17 saints
giants vs lions 34-10 giants win
NFC championship round
saints vs giants 17-28 saints win

superbowl 46:
saints vs texans 31-28 texans win OT

my reasons: first raiders beat steelers it will shock the world when raiders beat them in the playoffs. the lions making the playoffs shocks everyone but them getting past round 1 adds more to the shock but round 2 they get beat bad. the texans so far most improved team and will pull through with a 11-5 record to win AFC south but not expected to make the super bowl they do and win it. these 3 teams are on the must watch list for me as they will surprise everyone mainly texans
if you disagree saying some of these teams won’t get close to making the playoffs or texans won’t win the superbowl well this is my opinion after observing the teams so far and how could they not have a chance at the superbowl so what if they were bad last year. this year it will probably change by the time regular season comes and through out regular season.

I don’t agree with everything you said, but most of it can definitely happen. The one big disagreement I have is that there is no way the Seahawks are winning the nfc west. They have the worst qb and a very average defense. Alex smith has way better stats than Tavaris Jackson!

you have some strange picks, some picks you have are impossible (i’d get to that later)

here are my picks


East: Patriots

North: Steelers (i know it’s a risky pick because Steelers over the past few years haven’t followed SB seasons well, but this year may be different)

South: Texans (with Wade Phillips fixing their broken defense, to help one of the leagues best offense this year will be a change in the AFC South)

West: Chargers (Raiders lost Nnamdi Asomugha, Robert Gallery, and Zach Miller, 3 of their top 10 players in my opinion, I think at best Raiders will go 7-9, anyways last year chiefs had an easier schedule, plus Chargers record didn’t show how they actually played, they played better than a 9-7 team)

Wildcard: Jets and Ravens


East: Eagles (they won division last season, and with their major acquisitions, It’s hard to see them losing their division, now in the playoffs that’s a different matter)

North: Packers (defending superbowl champions, getting injured players back)

South: Falcons (this is the hardest division in the NFL to predict, it could be the Bucs, it could be the Saints, or it could last year’s winner the Falcons, well I’m taking Falcons)

West: Rams (Rams do have a tough schedule, but they have the best QB in the division, the Seahawks lost Matt Hassleback and Lofa Tatupu, they did significantly improve their offensive line and grabbed a good receiver, but they don’t have a QB good enough for playoffs, this division is still so weak it’s up in the air, but i’d say Rams are a safe bet)

Wildcard: Saints and Giants

Jets @ Texans (Texans 27-20)
Ravens @ Chargers (Chargers 24-17)
Saints @ Rams (Saints 27-17)
Giants @ Falcons (Falcons 30-24)

Okay now here for your NFC playoffs the Giants and the Lions facing eachother, which is impossible because you have both those teams as wildcard teams, the teams that get wildcard BYEs host wildcard winners, wildcard teams don’t play the other wildcard team in the division round

Div. Round
Texans @ Steelers (Steelers 27-24)
Chargers @ Patriots (Patriots 33-24)
Falcons @ Packers (Packers 30-24)
Saints @ Eagles (Eagles 33-30)

Conference Championship
Steelers @ Patriots (Patriots 27-21)
Packers @ Eagles (Packers 33-30, OT)

Superbowl XLVI
Packers vs. Patriots
final score: Packers win, 36-33
MVP: Charles Woodson, 4 tackles, 1 sack, 1 INT for 1 TD

The only predictions I strongly disagree with you on, is the Raiders and the Seahawks making playoffs

So the 11-5 texans will have a better record than the Patriots this year and will be the 1 seed?

I don’t see how the Raiders can beat out the Chargers and/or the Chiefs. I also don’t think the Seahawks will win their division with Tavaris Jackson at QB, I’m not really sure who will take the division though. The rest of your picks seem plausible to me though, I’ve seen funnier things happen in the NFL so I guess anything could happen. It should be a great season no matter what happens and I can’t wait.

Patriots 31 saints 24 = superbowl 46

Saints and patriots. Super bowl!!!!

Texans???? Super bowl?????
Jets not in the talk.

eagles and patriots super bowl winner eagles

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