Mitsubishi 3000gt vr4 help?

Im looking at buying a 1994 3000gt vr4 137k miles with a bunch of upgrades, but it does have a salvage title. What I want to know is how much YOU would pay for it. But be pratical because I need to negotiate with this guy. Next how much would it be to rebuild that engine, with stock parts?

Your leaving out a lot of valuable information, so I’ll try to answers the best i can.

salvage title means It’s been in an accident or damaged before, and is currently damaged. These V6 engines have a strong engine, they are made for speed, so I wouldn’t worry… although 137k for a modded car is quite risky buying…

I’d recommend looking up the average car price for this car around your area on craigslist, and lower that buy a few thousand.

Yes and don’t let them overcharge you for problums it is a Mitsubishi I own a dodge stealth which is same car in different body style they do require premium fuel because of the twin turbos you can upgrade these to 500hp the stock turbos are smallest mitsubishi makes there is no major defects people just dont know these cars cause the cheaper 300zx sold better i like how these cars arnt what people think there unique they go 120 in 3rd gear and there fun

2000 MAX… just me… its a risky buy, but could turn out as a really good car.

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