How to get puppy to stop pulling on leash?

Hello, I have a 5-month-old black lab/pit bull mix (Lexie) that I am trying to leash train before she gets too big for me to handle her. I have trained several Rottweiler puppies in the past and never had a problem, but Lexie insists on pulling as hard as she can no matter what I try. In the past, after sharply jerking the leash back while giving the heel command, the puppies eventually came to understand that, when they stopped pulling, everyone was happier. Lexie scares me because she keeps pulling until she chokes, then throws up, then starts pulling again. I’ve run out of ideas.

Also, when I take her for walks, there are dogs in just about every yard in my entire neighborhood. I have yet to find a route without dogs, and she gets way too excited when we pass other dogs. In the past, I have simply made them sit and made sure they are paying attention to me and not the other dogs before I proceeded, but again Lexie pulls like crazy and I feel helpless.

Any advice?

Get a Gentle leader!!! or some other brand of head harness.
When she pulls, it will turn her head around. She will learn not to pull so she can continue going in the direction she wants to go.
it works awesome!

Around $10-$20 at most pet stores. Definitely worth it!

walk her up and down certain lengths.. tell her to sit, give her a small biscuit treat then walk again.. keep repeating. if a dog walks infront of you he or she will think they are the leader of the “pack”
u always have to make sure your dog see’s you the leader..
you should nether let your dog dominate u or they will lead you where they will want to walk.
buy a harnest you will have more control in walking them.

choke collar. You won’t need it but for a few walks. They learn quick when they pull it chokes.

I have a dog that does the same thing, So i looked up on youtube to see if i could find any videos to help me get my dog to stop.


Hope this helped. 🙂

JUUUSt Say ” No me doggy man” in a wikked bob marley voice. hopefullly the dog wil bow down to the wrathh of marley himselllllf and spit some lyrics

simply just walk away and bring your dog with you whatever you do don’t give in YOU ARE THE MASTER NOT HER.

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