i wish i couldve
he seems so nice to his fans
i’ve seen his videos he freaking let this one women ride in the car with him:)
he was truely a good man

but if you have met him ? how did you guys met and whats the story behind it it?

and if you havent what would your dream meeting with micheal be ?

my dream is that when i die i will see him in heaven doing the moonwalk:)

YOU ARE A WEIRDO. Maybe you will meet Wacko Jacko in hell. You friggin psycho!!!!!!!!!!!

No I have never met Michael Jackson.

Mine would be in Heaven,if you really are meant to meet him,you will,for now….He’s inspired me to not give up my dream to become a singer and also that people have bigger problems than me.I want to help Heal The World!! Forever Micheal <3

Omg, Yes! A couple lmao One even works as a Look-Alike Then again MJ does look like a White Woman now

no but i had 2 dreams about it ,in one i meet him in the other i got married to him.
i wish i could meet him ,but that is never going to happen because he is dead.
but when i die i pray that i go to heaven and see him moonwalk and then i could talk to him without all the people around me.

michael jackson
long live the king

I’d probably get real nervous though and do something embarrassing. Maybe it was better if I hadn’t met him but if I would have got the chance that would have been awesome. More than awesome. But now that can never be possible.

I didn’t, but I wish I could have 🙁

That was one thing I was really hoping I would do at some point in my life, but if I did I would like to have just talked to him and hang out in his giant house he was renting. We could have also had a water balloon fight, lol ( he actually did like to have water balloon fights 🙂

I haven’t. I did have tickets for his This is it concert though.

I would have loved to have actually known him as a friend coz we could just play all day long.. i’m a big kid at heart. It would be awesome.

No, but I met Janet, his sister.

I have relatives who met him years ago and my grandmother’s friend’s cousin is a friend of Michael’s and the Jacksons and took my grandmother’s friend to go see him in Neverland.

I would’ve loved to, that was on my “Life’s to-do” list.
It would’ve been awesome to have gone to one of his concerts and been that crazed fan who jumps up on stage and mobs him lol 😀 (I was actually planning to do that at his one of London concerts, if I had been able to get there)

It’s a shame he’s gone….Ah well, what can you do.

nope but i had a dream about it


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