Does wheel size effect accceleration or handling? I want to upgrade from 17&quot: rims to 18&quot: rims but want speed?

I want to keep the same speed that I had on my 17 inch rims. If I go to 18 inch with thinner tires will that effect my ability to accelerate at all?

You aren’t going to go any faster or slower changing rims if you follow the appropriate rules for changing tyres at the same time. You don’t say what you have for tyre size now, but I recommend talking to tyre experts before making any change. A change to a smaller diameter tyre gives more acceleration, crappier mileage. A larger diameter tyre gives less acceleration, better mileage. When you talk of “thinner” tyres, it indicates a lack of knowledge of tyres, which is why I recommend a shop with an expert to talk to. He will make sure you don’t make the mistake of getting something that actually isn’t a proper fit in your wheelwell as well. You don’t want to end up with tyres hitting the well when you go over bumps, or rubbing when you turn a corner.

you won’t like the answer, but you need to lighter wheels.

Experiment: swing a baseball bat when choking up on the grip is easier right? because the leverage to swing the weight is advantaged if it’s closer to the middle. So actually smaller wheels, 15-16 (all other things being equal) will put down more horsepower to the road.

Buy a set of ultralight 15 or 16″ rims and the best tires you can afford. The power at the wheels will be the best then and the handling of the car will improve because the suspension won’t have to work as hard with less unsprung weight (the weight of the wheels and tires)

Finally the quality of the tires makes more of the difference than having “lower profile” sidewalls.

kudos and g’luck.

If you go to a lower profile tire to keep the same (or close) tire height, handling can improve but ride quality will suffer. You should be able to use a wider tire to put more rubber on the road but the shorter sidewalls have less flex to absorb bumps and impacts.

Acceleration can suffer some because the rotating mass of the wheel is farther from the wheel center but may not make a lot of difference. You don’t mention what kind of car you have but 18″ wheels are not terribly radical and are available from the factory for many cars.

the form of a known tyre is such that the width on the tread (the place the length including 205 is made) is wider than that on the bead (the place the tyre attaches to the rim of the wheel). there is a few flexibility interior the tyre, so as that countless sizes of tyres would be suited for the comparable length rim – so 205, 215 and 225 tyres will all be got here across on a 7J rim. in addition, this helps some overlap any incorrect way, so a 205 tyre would be remarkable suited for a 6J 6ВЅJ or 7J rim. whilst the exterior of the wheel would degree extra effective than 7 inches, the 7 talked approximately interior the rim length is the length the place the bead of the tyre attaches, that’s and inner particularly than exterior length. it somewhat is the reason a 7J tyre measures extra effective than 7 inches from inner element to outer face.

NO! If you go to 18″ rims with a lower profile tire, your rolling diameter will be the same. And your rate of acceleration may actually become worse, as 18″ rims are bigger (and heavier) than 17″ ones. That means more effort has to go into turning them.

if you upgrade to an 18 inch with low pro. you will probably end up running the same size or smaller. example measure the tire you have right now on your car. from top to bottom then measure the new ones the same. when i changed my factory 15in tires on my civic to a 17 in. low pro tire. the 17s were actually just a hair smaller than the factory ones. if u end up with a smaller tire it will help your bottom end and hurt your top end. if u end up with a bigger tire it will hurt your bottom end and help your top end. u also need to make sure the engine can handle the tire size. an 18 in. shouldn’t be a prob. but ppl will put large rims on their car and it will cause the factory engine to strain and wear faster.

18 inch rims will weigh more and have slightly more rotational mass . But you can put wider tires and essentially have more tire surface , which in turn can sometimes help in acceleration , but mostly grips better in cornering . It would really depend on the exact rims and tires you have picked out .

handling will be rough as the additional height will lend a tippy feel to it. It will also alter the geometry of the suspension and make the components wear out faster.
It will NOT increase acceleration at ALL.
speed=horsepower and torque

Does “2*Pi*R” look familiar? Of course, acceleration will suffer proportionately.

yes it will, bigger wheels equal more weight, more rotating mass where its not needed…if you do upgrade try a forged wheel, more expensive but lighter, so the performance shouldnt degrade that much

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