An Australian s view on American biracials.?

Okay, this post is long, but please read.

I am an Australian male, aged 18, white with brown hair and green eyes. Therefore, I know I have no personal experience with being biracial.

Ever since 2001 or 2002 (I can’t remember which it was, when Halle Berry won the Oscar), have seen that biracial in America seem to be considered as simply black, despite being of two races. When they called Halle the first black woman to win an Oscar, I was like Hmmm, doesn’t she have a mother, and therefore, isn’t she herself actually half white, just as white as black. So why is she referring to herself, and letting other s call her, simply black?

The same exact thing happened when Barack Hussein Obama was running for President. I kept hearing hat he would be America’s first black President, if elected. He too has a white mother. Then one night I was watching ‘Ugly Betty’, and someone told me that the woman on there (Vanessa Williams) was the first Black woman to be crowned Miss America. I looked at her, and thought, As if she’s full black. Sure enough I look her up on the Internet, and it tuns out she has two biracial parents, and therefore she herself is just as white as black.

Then I started thinking, why would they be referred to as black, and referring to themselves as black, when they are half white? Not just these three, but biracial people in general. Especially those who were abandoned by their black father and raised by their white mothers.

I started to do some research, and discovered why:

1. The One Drop Rule:
This rule was created by Jim Crow as a way of a white slave owner being allowed to distance himself from his biracial children. Therefore, slavery was maintained and actually increased.

Why follow a rule that was so racist? Why would you want to adhere to this rule’s customs?

2. They look blacker, so therefore they are black.

Okay, so because they look black, suddenly their I.D changes from biracial to black, does it? To me they don’t even look black. Barack Hussein Obama to me is very evidently mixed with white and black blood.

Now, I as white person am disappointed with biracial like Barack Hussein Obama referring to himself as black. It’s as though he is ashamed of being part white, and prefers and respects his black side more. Despite the fact he was raised by only his white family, and his black family did bugger all for him. Also, h attended a very racist black church, and by siding more with his black side, IMO he is segregating the races. He could have taken a stand, and insist on being called biracial, but instead adheres to old, superficial, outdated customs.
I’m glad he’s not my President.

I consider all biracial people what they are – the combination of two races.

I know of the Jim Crow law you are referring to and it could just be a subconscious cultural thing we as Americans have been influenced by. Even in the black community, I have never witnessed but I have been told, some darker skinned blacks consider lighter colored blacks brown and not black. I think it really is just a matter of pride. In the US it is pride to work hard and to remind everyone you have worked hard. It is a social taboo we have. I have read an article about that somewhere, and I do not think the US is the only nation with that taboo. It is Prideful to remind everyone that you are related to a race of people who at one time had to struggle due to social taboo. I am part Native American and I feel pride when I tell people that. I do not feel pride telling people I am part German though, because of the Nazis and the WWII. So it can really go both ways. It is the history behind the struggle for appreciation that brings the desire to be known as a certain kind of person. I am not saying everyone feels it, there was a story of a black man in the KKK as a news story years ago.
Basically when you look at a person and you see their stronger racial features is what that person is referred to as is how I see it.

I voted for Obama, and I am glad he is my president. I am REALLY glad he appointed Hillary as his Secretary of State because she is who I was originally voting for. I like Obama. Obama has referred to his white mother and grandparents who raised him; he is just not denying that biracial race of his that is black. He wants to be a role model and represent a better attitude as an African American Descendent. I do not think any less of a person whatever their race is or how many racial ancestor types they have.

Well mr australian all of you white people in reality or mixed with black because black people are the first and original race. White came out of africa too.

The slave masters in America cheated on their wives and part of their genocide against american blacks known as the maafa included raping black women, so many american blacks have white ancestry. There exist no basis on which to say Obama is bi-racial or Halle berry or anyone else because the ongoing assumption is that all americans who are not immigrants including blacks are mixed race. The only difference between Obama and any other African American is that Obama can prove he has a white parent.

There has been a great mixing of races in america. American whites look different than Australian and european whites, even different from Canadian whites. 1/3 american whites have recent black ancestry. When America was formed it was 20% black it is now 11%. Don’t even get me started on American whites with native ancestry. Most american whites who are not straight from Europe (Italians, slovaks, russians, etc are mixed raced)

If you are disappointed Obama calls himself black you have to be disappointed that anyone in the new world calls themself any race. American whites largely have black and native ancestry but you are not disappointed that they don’t go around calling themselves black or native.

There are no pure races in the new world, everyone in the americas is mixed with at least 1 other race. It doesn’t make sense to have a bunch of people going around claling themselves mixed, it eliminates the purpose of race. Race means I look at you and can classify you: white, black, yellow, red, indian, or some other race. You see bi-racial doesn’t fit.

im biracial and i consider myself black. we been categorized as black by people since we were born and thats all people see us as. if i said i was something else people would look at me weird cause i look black and they would think i was ashamed of being black and get then black people would shun me out. black people are really the only race thats accepts mixed people as there own i dont see the other half trying to be my friend cause i dont look like them. when u see halle berry and the rest the first thing you think of is black person then you look at them closer and see something else

We don’t know! Why don’t you ask Halle and Vanessa and Obama, ok. Maybe they’ll tell you why.

Rank Jeff^^^^

I completely agree 100%

Couldn’t have said it better myself! What he^ said

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