WSWWE Smackdown Starts Now! +Wrestling Questions?

*Sorry for Smackdown being a day late*

Match 1 The DNA of WSWWE Jay Nitro vs Randy Orton
*Rated peep and riyanindia are on commentary

Segment: On the titantron, it shows StephenNGN walking into my office with an angered expression on his face. He starts to talk
NGN – What the hell happened this time!? First the missed hit and run, then Cenation beats Just RKO’em! in a No DQ match, he needs to be hurt so he can’t make it to Summer Showcase!
Me – Look, tonight you and him are going to have a contract signing. He will not be in good condition and he will not be able to beat you, also I want you to take a look at this contract… *I pass NGN the contract. He looks through it, after that he starts to laugh*
You see, nothing to worry about
*NGN then leaves with a confident look on his face*

Match 2 for the TV Championship
Sin Botcha vs KYRASYM vs Guru of Greatness vs Dragoontri (c)
After the match, Just RKO’em! comes out of no where and strikes the winner of the match. Just RKO’em hits an RKO and challenges the winner to a match at Summer showcase for the TV Title*

Match 3 Rated Peep Superstar vs Riyanindia
*Orton and Jay are on commentary*

Segment: We see Special One, Chris Xtreme, Y23, &amp: Colt Cabana. They go into a locker room and Millenium member Jason T is in their. All 4 of the men attack Jason and he starts to bleed heavily. Special One grabs him and says Since I am now part of Heel Horsemen, it is my job to rid of you Millenium. So I am making a challenge. Jason T vs me at Summer Showcase. Millenium vs Heel Horsemen, one on one. *Special One then kicks Jason in the face and the 4 men walk away*

Match 4 Chilo Van Dam &amp: Voice of the Pointless vs Hardcore Champion Kyle Smith &amp: Intercontinental Champion Marvelous Giovanni Prado w/ Paul Heyman

*It gets announced our Main Event of the evening will be Undertaker vs Prophet of Hate in a stretcher match. It also is announced at Summer Showcase, the two monsters will be face to face in a Hell in a Cell!!!*

Match 5 in a #1 contenders match for the Divas title in a bra and panties match
Kara BITW vs Maryse*

Segment: We see Prophet of Hate in a dark room with red smoke. He says he is tired of Undertaker and his little mind games. He says that he killed him and that at Summer Showcase, the dead man will be officially die and he will steal UNDERTAKER’S SOUL AT SUMMER SHOWCASE!!!!!!!*

Match 6 Just RKO’em! vs Shaun Cold
*After the match, winner of match 2 comes and attacks Just RKO’em! and accepts his challenge at Summer Showcase

Main Event in a Stretcher match
Prophet of Hate vs The Undertaker

Ending Segment – The ring is set up of a contract signing. I am out there, along with Cenation and StephenNGN. I say tonight is the official contract signing between StephenNGN and Cenation the supreme being for the WHC at Summer Showcase. Stephen says he looks over the contract and he is very fine with it. He then says if Cenation loses, he will NEVER get another shot at the title. Stephen then signs it and passes it to Cenation. Cenation does not like the stip, but he says he doesn’t care, he will win at Summer showcase whether anyone likes it or not. *Cenation then signs the contract* NGN starts to laugh and he says SS will be his worst nightmare. Cenation then says at the end of SS, I will become the new WHC…. and I will defeat the one who tried to run me over!! Stephen then says how did he find out!? Cenation says he overheard everything *Cenation then starts to beat on me and knocks me out of the ring. He then hits NGN down. Cenation then picks up NGN for an AA and he AA’s him straight through the Table in the middle of the ring!!!* Cenation then picks up the WHC and raises it up high as the crowd cheers and the show ends*

BQ – Rate the show

Wrestling Question – Are you going to buy Summer Slam or Stream it or not watch it at all?

Wrestling Question – which match at Summer Slam are you most looking forward to?

Wrestling Question – Are you a fan of Brock Lesnar?

Match #1: Nitro
Match #2: KYRASYM
Match #3: Riyanindia
Match #4: Kyle Smith & Intercontinental Champion “Marvelous” Giovanni Prado
Match #5: Maryse
Match #6: Just RKO’em!
Main Event: The Undertaker

Amazing Card I must say so my self I hope That i do well at Summer Show case

WQ1: no i most likely wont but it looks good With brock vs triple h and all and i loved the promo on RAW 1000
WQ2: Triple h and brock
WQ3: Sort of and sort of not.

Thanks for giving me a chance to compete in the mainevents of past ppvs and shows here in the wswwe too.

Match 1 “The DNA of WSWWE” Jay Nitro

Match 2 for the TV Championship
Guru of Greatness (Needs a Push)

Match 3 Riyanindia

Match 4 Chilo Van Dam & Voice of the Pointless

Match 5 in a #1 contenders match for the Divas title in a bra and panties match

Match 6 Just RKO’em!

Main Event in a Stretcher match
Prophet of Hate (Very Tough)

BQ-Nice Card.10/10

WQ-Actually I will watch it on Ten Sports 😛

WQ-Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H.It’s “The Perfect Storm”.

WQ-No! No! No!

Match #1: Randy Orton
Match #2: Dragoontri
Match #3: Riyanindia
Match #4: Kyle Smith & Intercontinental Champion “Marvelous” Giovanni Prado
Match #5: Maryse
Match #6: Just RKO’em!
Main Event: The Undertaker

BQ: 9/10

WQ’s: Later

M1- Jay Nitro


M3- Riyanindia

M4-Chilo Van Dam & Voice of the Pointless

M5- Maryse

Main Event- Prophet Of Hate

BQ- 9/10 (Pretty great show but seeing POH & The Undertaker one on one before the PPV should have been avoided,you could have created a tag team match between them)

WQ1- Watch It on a site…

WQ2- Brock Lesnar Vs Triple H!

WQ3- Ofcourse i am!

Randy Orton
Sin Botcha
Chilo van Dam and Voice opf the pointsless
Just RKO’em
The Undertaker
BQ: 10/10

(Random Pick)
Randy Orton
Rated Peep Superstar
Chilo Van Dam & Voice of the Pointless
The Undertaker


Stream it

Chris Jericho vs Dolpf Ziggler

I Like Him but not a fan

1| Jay nitro
3| Tough Choice..
4| “Marvelous” Geovanni prado
5| kara ‘bitw’
6| Just RKO’em
BQ: 10 ******* Awesom!!
WQ: I’l watch it on Tv. This Ten Sports. 😛
WQ: I’m looking forward to John Cena big show and Cm punk match at Summer sLam. Brock Lesnar vs Triple H is predictibal.
WQ: no… And never will be..

Randy Orton
Rated Peep Superstar
Kyle Smith & Giovanni Prado
Just RKO’em!
Prophet of Hate


WQ: I normally buy but unless there is more good matches I’ll stream it.
WQ2: Brock vs HHH
WQ3: Yes but he shouldn’t speak.

Randy Orton
Guru of greatness
Chilo and Voice of the pointless
Shaun Cold
Prophet of hate

1) Jay Nitro (Needs momentum)
2) Drago
3) Rated Peep
4) Chilo Van Dam & Voice of the Pointless
5) Kara BITW
6) Just RKO ’em
ME) Prophet of Hate

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