Would it be better for the Gay Rights Movement to have a US Supreme Court ruling on Prop8?

Should the recent California court decision be appealed, and the US Supreme Court eventually involved, wouldn’t a national precedent set to discount more anti-gay marriage laws be better, in the long run, in the fight for equality?

Or should we just be savoring this short-term win?

I’m all for same-sex marriages.

The same-sex-marriage case only gets stronger and stronger with every step it takes on its way to the Supreme Court. That is why Judge Walker’s looong and carefully well explained ruling is so important. It is easy for anyone (the people) to say “it’s wrong (or immoral) so let’s block it” but every time the issue is put to the courts and has to endure the hard scrutiny of a legal fight… well… the people against same-sex marriages have less and less to hang on to.

ALL of the reasons behind Prop 8 (that seemed so evident to so many people) DID NOT survive a trial. On the other hand, all the evidence (scientific and verifiable evidence) provided by the people fighting against Prop 8 EASILY destroyed any argumentation in favor of Prop 8.

So the issue will be dragged through every step and will get stronger and stronger… and by the time it reaches the Supreme Court, it will be unstoppable – making the case against same-sex marriage virtually impossible to argue.

Judge Walker’s ruling is historical and everyone should read it. It strikes down (one by one) each and every thought behind Prop 8. And he did it in a way that is clear and beyond any doubt.

Read it.

Gays should be banned

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