why dont people realize that when someone is saying that being Gay is a sin..?

It is NOT a hate crime, or an intollerance or racist but just reading what is wrote in the bible!.. If so many people call themselves beleivers, then why do you pick and choose what passages in the bible you are going to follow?..

They do not accept the Bible.

The Bible is the reporting for 3 different dispensations with each having it’s particular rules. What is accepted in one dispensation may not be accepted in another. For instance, no one thinks they should kill their favorite son as a sacrifice, like Abraham was told to do. We have to take the Bible into context.

The first dispensation was the one of families, the Patriorichal Dispensation, where the elder family male was normally the spiritual leader. Jesus did not destroy this Law, but it ended when it was fulfilled with the crucifixion of Jesus. Several places we are told that the Law and it’s commands were nailed to the cross of Jesus. Since the Old Law was fulfilled, Jesus left His own Will and Testament, that like today, went into effect after His death and not before.

The second dispensation of time was that of the Law of Moses. This law was ONLY for the children of Judah/Israel. It did not include anyone else in the world. It was from this era that Jesus came. Jesus taught Jews to be better Jews and nothing beyond that. Jesus lived, died and rose from the grave as a Jew and no Christian existed before the first Pentecost after His resurrection. The results of the Last Will and Testament of Jesus began with the first gospel sermon preached on that day.

This is the long winded way to say, just because it is in the Bible, does not mean it is for us to follow today. Today we follow the New Testament as taught from Acts 2 through the rest of the Bible, after Jesus lived, died and was resurrected.

I attempt to live by the new law as much as I can to the complete extent. If it is condemned I condemn it, if it is silent on anything, I try to not bind it. I make no exceptions as far as binding what is bound in the things taught to Christians. I do not pick and choose at all. I take what was written for me in completion.

Because people are just afraid of what they don’t understand so they use The Bible as a weapon to attack people. Interesting note Jesus Christ never taught against being gay it was only the so called prophets and Apostles. And if Jesus Christ is to be the center point of the Christian faith then perhaps only his opinion should matter. In closing Christianity has been altered throughout the years so perhaps we should just wait until they realize we don’t choose our sexual orientation but we are born that way. Thanks for listening and blessed be.

It is intolerant. It is also judgmental and preachy.

Eating shellfish is also a sin according to the bible, and yet there is no legislation to shut down Red Lobster.

If the believers claim that their god is infallible, then they can’t just throw out rules in the bible because they don’t agree with them. If you are going to condemn homosexuals, then you also have to condemn eating shellfish. And allow selling your daughter into slavery. And that it’s ok to stone to death disobedient children. And that if one works on the sabbath, they should be put to death. And the list goes on…

If you didn’t mark off everything in the babble ” holy do not disturb ” and refuse to think about how hate filled it is . You would realize just how big an @ss you have just made of yourself by yammering about this .

FYI the gardener’s ” laws ” are every bit as putrid as his fatheaded father’s if you could read the babble objectively you would know this .

1. lack of toleration; unwillingness or refusal to tolerate or respect contrary opinions or beliefs, persons of different races or backgrounds, etc.

Also, hate crimes can include verbal abuse, and often Christians use The Bible’s condemnation of homosexuality abusively and aggressively.

How idiotic that you’d use the term “racist” for discrimination against homosexuality. It is not a race.

becuase it is being bigoted and hateful.

You are implying that we can not read without supporting data to confirm your claim.

you more aptly demonstrate your lack or literacy and your own pick ad choose mentallity.

“Let he who is without sin…”- My Home boy Jesus. Homosexuals know that the bible says it is a sin, the whole world pretty much knows. By repeating it you are not teaching you are attacking with a hateful slogan. You are sinning by repeating that to those who already know.

So get over it, or get some self reliance and stop repeating intellectual vomit.

Then why are YOU also a sinner? The self same section of the bible you choose to quote from, also contains many sections that God tells men to not do.

Example- wearing more than one kind of fabric, planting more than one kind of vegetable in a garden, eating shellfish.

It’s amazing how many of the Xtians insist that Gays are a sin, yet choose to ignore all of that which they are in violation of.

Pushing what the bible says on anyone is a racist, intolerant, hate crime.

Well, where does it say to demonize people who have chosen this path. Should I hate you because you drink coffee, or smoke, or drink alcohol?
To Mormons, they consider those things as sins, but I have never seen them demonize people for doing those things. I have seen Christians demonize gays, not because they are sins, it is because they fear homosexuality. It is a cultural thing that has been ingrained in our minds for centuries. In my opinion, Christians tend to be worse sinners than gays.

Because so many people have done so before us.Everyone that”says”they believe has chosen to ignore parts that they do not like.The bible is no more a thing to believe in than the words from our illiterate,inbred leader.

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