Why does the government give special programs to poor people rather than the rich people?

Rich and Successful people should have more opportunities in life when in comes to education, healthcare, taxes, medicare, social secuirty.

Opening up more doors for the successful people makes people try harder in life.

Opening up more doors for poor people encourages them to leech on government.

The government gives rich people special programs called tax breaks, where they can avoid paying too much in taxes. Some of the very wealthy keep their money outside the U.S. and pay no tax. Some corporations get subsidized and pay very little tax. Capital gains tax is lower than most middle class people pay on their incomes. That is to give those investors an incentive to invest in businesses and hire people.

People whos incomes exceed $113,000 pay no Social Security above that income level. People with money can send their children to any school. They can afford a good health insurance plan and even if you are a millionaire you can still get Medicare.

traditionally speaking the idea of raising taxes and tax more desirable is a Democrat time table. improve taxes on those spending more desirable to provide to those which aren’t any more making a lot. keep in techniques sales tax isn’t on foodstuff, utilities. or lease it extremely is the most important expenses for adverse. Its effective on decrease, center classification, and higher classification the most. those who make more desirable spend more desirable and purchase more desirable in non foodstuff products. it extremely is who sales taxes really hit, no longer the adverse. it is likewise the crew Democrats have a tendency to flow after even as Republicans have a tendency to guard. inspite of the indisputable fact that in modern previous some scarse Republicans have lengthy gone with such issues adversarial to the Rep majority and mainstream. some have also lengthy gone over the idea of eliminating the IRS and all different taxes and going with a flat or honest tax. likely a VAT on all products even as eliminating each thing else. this can actual improve more desirable taxes even as reducing taxes on the decrease classification on up. remember also Dems are for giant authorities that needs a lot of money to operate. Reps are for small authorities that basically elements safe practices and safe practices. for this reason they say Reps are not for the adverse because if Reps had their way the adverse could ought to artwork and characteristic all the freebies flow away until eventually you’ve a real disability. If desire any authorities training you’ll could be operating or discover artwork interior months of employing.

The get more than the poor in loopholes.
The United states has the highest corporate tax rate in the world,
yet most like General Electric don’t pay any tax at all.

Rich people get government benefits, that is how many of them got rich and how all of them keep what they have. Why do you think we bailed out the banks?

Once again, all issues in the world today are derived from the cursed government of Israel.

WHERE does that leave the middle class where I used to be in the good old days.

Because the poor need help more.

No id rather help the economically disadvantaged

Sadly people will agree with this.

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