Why does Iran hate Israel?

I mean, we all know Palestine hates Israel because they essentially got evicted by Israel. But why does Iran?

It is not Iran. It is its president. I have many Persian friends and they actually see Israel as a friend. I will be real, many Iranians hate Arabs. I am Lebanese-descendant and we are not even Arabs either, but our government is controlled and cornered by the Arab League, so we have to act like they say and like the Hizbollah says, but Israel helped us (real Lebanese) against the PLO and the other Islamic militias wanting to take over our beautiful Christian Maronite country.

The only once who hate Israel are the hippies (who are ignorant about the issue) and the anti-Semites (those who actually thing the Jews ruled the world and… well, as if it were a bad thing that Jews ruled the world!, you see?). It is just a stupid hatred.

May God lead haters to the real path. The enemy is Islam, nor the Jews. The Jews have contributed a lot to society, Islam hasn’t. Look, that is why Iranians hate Islam.

Well a lot of the Middle Eastern countries’ people have a lot in common with one another so having something in common they would share the same grievances aganist Israel who only exist in that area because Israel has powerful Western allies to make sure they stay there even though it is aganist the wishes of the majority who live in those areas. Israel is allow to occupy other Arab countries and harass them but no other Arab countries occupies Israel and harass them so there is a double standard here. Israel help the United State keep an eye on the Middle Eastern countries, another reason to dislike Israel.
In the Middle East, there are many Arab and Muslim groups who want to make the whole Middle East as one country and that is good in the long run cause richer areas can share with poorer areas and the whole region can behave like one big country. In modern times some countries are quite rich and some are very poor and so this is often a source of discontent. The West like the many parts of the world to be small and do not have much bargaining power on the world scale but if countries were to unite and get bigger, more countries would have even bargaining clout with other powerful Western countries.

Most Middle Eastern countries hate Israel cause it is the most unwanted of the groups living in the Middle East.

This dates way back to the holy war between Israel and the Arab League, which Iran is a part of. I would not mess with Israel too much, however, since they single handedly beat the entire 22-country Arab League in 3 measly days.

they both hate eachother its becuse iran is very loyal to islam and thier country they dont kiss thier bums like how america and saudi arabia do so israel see them as intolerant towards israel also becuse iranian islam is different to arabic islam and israel see iranian islam as a threat. israel also hate iran becuse saladin was a kurd a kurd is an ethnic group in iran and saladin won the crusades of jerusalum against the christians

israel should jave respect for iran cyrus the great emperor of the persion empire released jews and let them be free becuse befour the persion empire jews were treated like donkeys in all the middle east

Iran is controlled by the batsh*t crazy brigade. The leaders tend to be extremists with a shakey grasp of reality and history. Iran pretty much hates everyone – Israel, Iraq, US, Canada etc. The list is long.

It is’t Iran who hate Israel! it i’s the nut job leader who want to destroy Israel not for Iranian goods or for Palestinians freedom because of goodness of his heart! ONLY AND ONLY for his own profit and his Crazy theocracy!

because thier dis-agreements about there fake fantacy “god” you know the bible has flaws thats why i dont worrship or believe in

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