Why do conservatives want the Keystone XL pipeline approved?

1. ENVIRONMENTAL control— a land where humans MUST work FOR THEM– or die.
2. Fiscal “gains”.

We would have access to more energy resources and would not be as dependent upon the Middle East for oil.
That oil is currently entering the US by rail road and truck which are much more likely to have an accident.

First of all it is the safest way to transport the oil. Second it will create thousands of good paying jobs. Third it will reduce the price of gas which will benefit all Americans. There is no downside.

1. National defense benefits
2. Energy independence and freedom from Middle Eastern entanglements
3. Economic growth

So liberals who continually cry about climate change will have gas for there SUV and electric in their homes.

Our country doesn’t run on bio-goop. Until then, we will need oil for some time. The answer to our energy needs is not carbon taxes, global warming fees, or shutting off oil fields.

To accelerate climate change through another ‘accidental’ oil spill!

Makes me wonder what the true damage done by the BP spill.

I also wonder what really happened in that spill in the mid-west a year or so ago. I m talking about the one that got national attention for a day or two then disappeared from the news quickly!

-So They can “Nail” President Obama on something ELSE They secretly could Care LESS about ?! 😉

So that they can turn around and say that the president allowed a foreign company who doesn’t hire non- Canadians for the projects they do overseas.

Maybe because $4.00 per gallon gas sucks.

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