Who is treated better? Jews in Iran or Arabs in Israel?

Do some research.

Jews in Iran

Israel is an apartheid state
Limits on Palestinian growth
Since 1948, scores of new communities have been founded for Jews, but very few for Palestinians, causing severe residential overcrowding.

Unequal funding for Palestinian towns
Palestinian towns and villages in Israel do not receive the same funding as Jewish towns, even though taxation rates are equal for Palestinians and Jews.

Limits on land leased to Palestinians
Until recently, Palestinians were not permitted to lease land from the Israeli Land Administration, which controls 93% of the land in Israel.

Unrecognized Palestinian villages denied basic services
Many Palestinian villages, some predating the State of Israel, are unrecognized by the government, and thus receive no running water, electricity, or access roads.

Destruction of unrecognized Palestinian villages
The Bedouin citizens residing in the unrecognized villages of the Negev have for many years suffered from severe discrimination and marginalization.

Unequal application of the law to Jews and non-Jews
A dual system of law discriminates between Jewish Israelis and indigenous Palestinians based on a constructed status of “Jewish nationality.”

Right of return for Jews only
Palestinians are denied the right to return to homes and lands that have been taken from them in Israel, while a person with one Jewish grandparent anywhere in the world can settle on that same land.

No constitutional protection for minorities
Israel openly declares itself “a state of the Jewish people” yet has no constitution to protect the rights of the 24.5% of its citizens who are non-Jewish.

Unequal funding for Palestinian education
There are separate and inferior school systems for Palestinians inside Israel.

Restricted access to good jobs for Palestinians
Service in the Israeli army is a prerequisite for the best private and public sector jobs.

Confiscation of Palestinian land for Jewish use
Land is confiscated from Palestinian villages and made available for Jewish use.

Poisoning, uprooting of Bedouin Israeli citizens’ crops
The government of Israel has sent planes to spread poison on Bedouin crops.

Plans to “Judaize” the Palestinian areas of the Galilee
The area of the Galilee in northern Israel is where many Israeli
Palestinians live. Some are descended from the earliest Christians, while others are Muslim.

Discrimination in public places
Palestinian citizens of Israel are often discriminated against through denial of access to recreation spaces.

Israeli anthem discriminates
Israelis who are Muslim or Christian must extol the Jewish spirit when singing Israel’s national anthem.

Israeli flag discriminates
The flag of Israel displays the religious symbol of Judaism, though nearly one-quarter of its citizens are Christian or Muslim.

House demolitions
In 2007, 759 Palestinian homes were destroyed inside Israel.

Denial of family unification for Arabs
In 2003, the Israeli Knesset enacted legislation that denies any possibility of residency status for Palestinians from the West Bank or Gaza who are married to Israeli citizens.

Failure to protect Palestinian citizens during wartime
Almost all Palestinian towns and villages in northern Israel lack public bomb shelters.

Unequal compensation for Palestinian citizens for war damages
After the Lebanon war, Palestinian villages were denied compensation for damages.

Discrimination at airports and train stations
Palestinians are frequently taken aside at Israel’s airports and train stations and searched, often invasively.

Government leaders talk openly of expelling Arabs from Israel
Christians have lived in the land that became Israel for 2000 years, Muslims for more than 1300 years. Now these citizens are referred to as a demographic threat, or “the Arab Problem.”

Palestinian history and Israel’s borders removed from textbooks
Teachers are not allowed to teach students in public schools about Palestinian history.

Of course, Iranian Jews.

Jews in Iran

I am an American. How you treat people I can not change.

The Arab Israeli.

13 of 120 Knesset members are Arabs
List of Arab members of the Knesset

1 Jew is in the 290 member Majlis
Majlis of Iran
Also, the Supreme Council rules Iran.

Persian Jews

Further, Jews were in Iran long before the Muslims swept in and took over Persia–as they did the Mid-East and North Africa.

I think they’re both treated like crap. They are different from the society they’re living in, and how do people normally treat others that are different from them?

Well since the Jews are on land they’ve stolen I’m gonna say the Jews are treated better.

I don’t believe the Iranians are driving Jews from their homeland with the help of their big puppet, USA

but Israel is doing just that to the Palestinians

Iranian Jews of course. The last time I checked Iranian Jews didnt have walls built around them, they werent banned from highways and public transport and they werent being forced to watch as their brothers and sisters in occupied stolen land were treated even worse

Jews in Iran

Jew in Iran are treated better. Jews are protected by the Iranian constitution.

Jews in Iran would love to live in Israel, but doing so they will loose their property and money, and have to carry out a secret trip to a country that flies to Israel, once there they have to get funding by the Israeli government. There has been many such trips but they are not publicized in the media so that it can continue uninterrupted by Iran.

Iranian Jews Leave Their Silent Nightmare, Come Home to Israel

And Arab’s in Israel have more rights than if they were to live in an Arab country. They can openly criticize the government, which isn’t possible in Iran, they can vote, create political parties, and some even reject the existence of Israel.

Recent report: 94% of Israeli Arab’s wouldn’t want to leave Israel

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