Whats Your Position on Iran s Nuclear Program?

Iran’s nuclear program is growing along with people’s fear: especially those in Israel. Whats your position on this issue?

Hi. My position is that nuclear weapons shouldn’t be developed anymore. That era of history is over.

The countries that already have nuclear capability need to remain stable, while unstable countries at risk need to be prevented from acquiring them.

There has already been a request for nuclear suicide bomber. Iran is at the spearhead of the Islamic Revolution that started in 1979 and endorses suicide bombing. We will all be in trouble if nukes get into the wrong hands, so they need to be prevented from acquiring them.

If there is a newly elected President to take Achmedinejad’s place that isn’t a save all for Iran as far as I’m concerned. The Ayatollahs have too much power and there is massive extremism in Iran. I think it’s quite dangerous to look at this from a solely Western view as the culture there is very much different, even different than that of their Middle East neighbors.

During the Iran-Iraq war, Iran sent thousands of her Persian children into Iraqi minefields to set them off so the adult soldiers could walk thru them safely. The Persian children were armed with “plastic keys to paradise.” Pertaining to their foreign policy, they go by Khomeini doctrine which says if they have to “martyr” all of the Iranian population to further their Islamic dominion it would well be worth it.

Iran is a rogue state within a much more moderate Middle East. It is not just the West that feels threatened by Iran, but also their Middle East neighbors.

The very least we can accomplish is to retain the status quo and calm in the Middle East. That is difficult to do with Iran in the picture regularly chanting “Death to America, Death to Israel” and imminently seeking methods to dominate the Middle East and the rest of the world. Eventually they will force us to act in self defense against their aggression.

I think the rest of the West needs to acknowledge that the Islamofascists have already declared war on us, and send more troops into Afghanistan and fight dammit. There’s no excuse to ignore a hostile takeover externally or internally and the West isn’t an enemy of each other, we are allies, turn our own frustrations with the problems back on the Islamofascists where it rightfully belongs.

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it is not necessarily the country’s general program but the leader’s intention with the program once it has been in place.

Back in 1981 when Saddam Hussein had a nuclear plant given to them (mostly with backing from France), he announced that he would only use the plant for power needs and that there would be no need to worry about any weapons-grade uranium being produced. Israel did not believe them and bombed the reactor. Initial reactions were somewhat negative towards Israel until two Iraqi scientists got out of Iraq and announced that Hussein’s plans with the reactor were solely for weapons-grade uranium manufacture.

I bring that up because Iran’s president, Ahmadinejad, is cut from the same cloth as Saddam Hussein. He promises nothing but the use of nuclear reactors for power needs, but his ambitions for nuclear arms is about as unnoticeable as Jessica Alba standing in a room filled with fanboys.

This is a guy that says the Holocaust never happened and that even homosexuals do not exist in his country. Ahmadinejad is a whack job and his want for nuclear weapons is quite evident. Iran’s nuclear program, under this guy, would be for nothing more than to create a nuclear weapon. With that, I am vehemently opposed to that program.

What “position” is there to take? Iran is a signatory of the NPT and has as much right as the USA, Britain, and ever other nation in the world to a civilian nuclear engineering program.

As a general background on the “issue”, there are only 4 countries in the world that have not signed the NPT and have nuclear weapons in dissent of the global program: India, Pakistan, Israel, and North Korea.

I assume that Israel will make a preemptive strike against the enrichment site. The U.S. seems to be withdrawing from concerns outside of its core government union and UAW base.

Well, I doubt Iran is going to bomb Israel. I think Israel is going to cheerlead the US bombing Iran. BTW all he said was the Palestians should be treated as human beings instead of animals, and what does he get? Ahmedinejad said this hop phlap that he did not even say and was mistranslated on purpose by our zionist controlled media to make him look like a terrorist in our society.

Its not a question of allowing anyone having atomic weapons, Nobody can uninvent a single thing, its just a matter of obtaining the necessary ingredients. Iran seems to have these just as Israel,Pakistan and India did and now it looks although N. Korea has also. Mankind invented this dreadfull weapon and now must live with it.

They want to abolish Israel-which is not going to happen- and cause major catastrophe in the USA.

My position is that their nuke program will be bombed to crap once they are relatively close to being dangerous.

If we gave them Israel, they would be happy.

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