Up until 1970 something extreme religious belief was classified as a mental illness, why?

Extreme religious belief was classified as a mental illness in the American psychiatric mental illness manual.

So was homosexuality. I’m just sayin’… appeal to authority is a fallacy.

I think the manual was called DSM, or DSM 3.

I’m pretty sure you are correct. But the DSM, and psychiatry of c.1970 in general, has long been criticized for claiming to know a lot more as absolutes than it actually did. Had a dogma of it’s own, that didn’t meet the level of scientific standards.

I do think extreme religious belief could be considered a sign of irrational perception of the world. But a psych classification is a sharp double edged sword I would be hesitant to see wielded.

Probably because that’s the direction that some peoples’ mental illness actually took. Like people who would kill others, genuinely believing that God had told them to. Or people who would believe they were the new messiah, or Jesus or whatever. It makes sense that in a religious society, severe megalomania would exhibit itself in religious terms.

Extreme religious views are still classified as an illness if they, for example, make you kill or harm your children. The extreme you talk of is not extreme in it’s normal meaning, but extreme as in loony.

A person with a severe disorder often is very religious in nature. Until they come down off whatever has put them out there, they will continue. Once they come down, then the extremism goes away. I’ve seen two cases personally and it isn’t fun or pretty.

Deprogramming isn’t an answer. Getting whatever drugs are in their system out of their system is. In both cases, it was a combination of prescribed and over-the-counter “health food store” drugs.

You don’t think the 9/11 terrorists had extreme religious beliefs?

there’s no reliable learn info of a correlation between bipolar disease and “getting faith” interior the midsection years. A bipolar disease is an affective disease (e.g., considerable temper swings) and is not oftentimes linked with a thought disease or delusions except one happens to be experiencing a manic state or severe melancholy (even then not unavoidably). those with schizophrenia, schizo-affective disease, and a few of you extra severe character issues (e.g., schizoid, borderline, schizotypal) might have a thought disease, delusions, and auditory hallucinations. on occasion (yet not continuously), their idiosyncratic ideals have reliable religious institutions. the 1st “psychotic destroy” frequently happens interior the late infants to early Nineteen Twenties. apparently, there’s a physique of learn which shows a reliable association between psychological well-being and a feeling of spirituality or faith. the genuine DSM IV “acid-try” is with regard to the implications. Does it inhibit or compromise social/vocational/interpersonal functioning in some significant way? If not, it does not be seen pathological. In different words, there is not something inherently pathological with regard to the surprising theory which you met an angel. the communicate as to in case you and hundreds of thousands of theistic “others” are deluding yourselves or not, will in all probability by no potential be thoroughly settled. it would be plenty better to concentration on your point of functioning and not be too caught up in labels like “bipolar” this is oftentimes over clinically determined and we could not bypass overboard with the assumption of “magical questioning”. A theory in a vist from an angel isn’t sufficient to qualify. (it is comming from an atheistic-leaning agnostic). Plus, all of us have some degree of magical questioning. reliable success!

I think it is because there is some mental issue about someone who feels they are the Messiah, and some persons when they feel that way start making life threatening decisions regarding others.

How do you define extreme? A mental illness is such if it impedes your life, social or otherwise, or the lives of others.

it still is in some regards; on some testing there are those type of questions to answer and if you answer them with religious beliefs you lose points. If they had psychiatrists in Jesus’ time they would have locked him away too.

It still should be. Nothing is as dangerous as a fanatic that has convinced themselves they are doing ‘gods work’ and will be divinely rewarded for it. Look at all the acts committed in the name of god, not just your god, but all gods people believe in.

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