Travelling within the EU (from cyprus)?

hello… i have a trip to Poland due in 15 days and i’ve recently noticed that my passport has expired. However, my ID is still valid, my question is, can you travel from Cyprus to Poland with simply an ID?

(pls answer only if u know what u are talking about, or tried it yourself etc, ty)

I travel all over Europe with just my ID, but it is a Dutch ‘European’ ID, and there might be different rules about your ID.

If you can travel on your ID to some of the European countries, you should also be able to travel to Poland, but best check on the website for your ID, (your country is bound to have one.)

through fact the others have reported, photograph identification is purely needed for flights. some airways insist on passports. you do no longer choose something to step on a custom. There are no longer any border controls between united kingdom international places.

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