The US Civil War has horrible for the soldiers, agree — Dead, starved skeleton or amputee, take your pick?

I’d have went Southwest to took my chances with the Apache, personally.

Yes it sucked. The republicans had a huge cost in ending slavery.

‘was horrible’ and yes, it was.

The tragic part, not that it all wasn’t tragic – is many of the amputee’s died after wards because of a lack of real care, medicine and hygiene.

That is the nature of war, you do what needs to be done for our liberties and freedoms. I am beyond grateful for the men and women who have suffered this (and worse) in the civil war, and other wars, so our nation can be what it is.

It is not pretty, but it has to be done sometimes.

For the record, the Apache Indians (and other tribes) fought wars with more brutality than most nations in history, so if you took your chances with them, even without the US involvement you would have seen the same thing.

Yes, I think we can all agree that the Civil War involved a great deal of suffering and death.

I remember debating ‘worst war’ for a soldier in history with some friends. While we pretty much narrowed it down to the civil war and WWI for worst, there was some argument to be made for just about every war–it seems each had their own new special horror, plus all the usual horrors of war.

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