Since when does telling giving someone honest feedback?

about their dog’s behavior or opinion on something they said suddenly make someone a Pit bull hater?

I’m mature enough not to call anyone out, but seriously in the last oh say 1-2 days I’ve been called the above by no less than two people. Are people just getting too damn sensitive these days? Nothing I said that brought on these responses even comes to close to making me a hater of the breed.

Obviously its wrong of me to expect certain people to have a realistic view of the breed, but come on

And this next part will likely get the question deleted, but hey whatever. For those of you who think for some reason I hate APBTs and pits feel free to step up to the plate and explain why?


I have never understood why people who assert they are passionate about the APBT vociferously deny animal aggression which is one of the dominant characteristics that define the breed and that while viciousness in not inevitable predisposition in the breed, some animals are born with unstable temperaments.

An owner who is truly passionate about their breed of choice knows what they have on the end of the lead, appreciate it for what it is and can handle the dog. If an owner is in over their head, mishandling the dog or in denial about its behavior [flawed temperament/learned behavior/natural instinct] then depending on the question a blunt, constructive opinion may be warranted.

For the few months I’ve been on here I see u as a logical realistic person when it comes to answering questions on dogs and especially Apbt’s.
The ppl who say u hate the breed just hate ur ideas and view or the way u say it ( u dont sugar coat it ).
I agree that a lot ppl don’t acknowledge the breeds genetics and they want the world to believe that these dogs are perfect if theyre trained ( u can’t completely outbreed a gene or train it out of a dog. ) Keep telling them the truth. How can they think they’re fixing the problem when they can’t even admit the problem.
Just period the state or government can give u the right to own a gun bit that doesn’t mean everyone will be a responsible gun owner. That’s how I feel about the breed. Never underestimate a dog period regardless of the breed. And these ppl u speak of are trying to make the world believe pit bulls can be owned by everyone if they train them right or give them love, then their genetic make up will become obsolete. Dogs will be dogs even the most trained ones.

And there in lies the problem. People on both sides want to prove they are right so badly that they misuse and skew the known facts. If you say something bad you automatically hate them if you point out the good you are blind to the facts and a tree hugger. The fact is there is good and bad in ALL breeds. Yes genetics plays a part but pits were not originally bred to be just fighters. They were common all around farm and family dogs for generations. Dog is one of the worst places to look for facts. The CDC dog bite statistic for bites and deaths pit type dogs is not intended to identify the offending dog as a apbt only but as a member of the mollasor breeds which the apbt is a member. The debate will go on till another “bad” breed sufaces. People always need a boogyman.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I honestly believe to save the TRUE American Pit Bull Breed, then 75% of dogs called “pit bulls” (I’m looking at you, razors edge and gotti, etc…..) need to be EUTHANIZED. Not spayed/neutered and adopted out. EUTHANIZED. If the majority of what a population exhibits is crap, then people are going to thing the population is crap. End of story. For the majority of the public to see greatness, then you must only show them greatness and let them see no other.

Call me a hater if you will.

Well you can’t fix stupid, or force people to open their minds and accept factual information. The PB was originally bred to be dog aggressive. Period. IMO the people on here who own pits shouldn’t. (not all of you! The owners who know the breed and respect it’s true origins and uses are different, and are capable of handling the dog!) I agree with the others in saying the “advocates” do more harm then good. Sorry you are having a bad day, hope it gets better. Don’t let the ******* get you down!

Your not the only one.

I told someone that the APBT was bred to have dog-aggression. That they have been bred that way for almost 200 years. And she sais “You are just one of those people that hates the Pit Bull and doesnt want to say anything good about them”.

Say WHAT….!!!!!????


I could only come back with a laugh since my display name is “Pit Bull Passion” with a photo of MY APBT 🙂 Some people now a days…I swear.

A lot of people do not accept the part genetics play in an animal. Thats the problem with the breed and people that own them today…they have no clue of the power they have brought into their home. They expect for it to “love all animals” and be “sweet as pie” if they “love” it enough…BULLSMACK.

People — if you think we hate the breed because we KNOW the all means..let us know why. And while your at it..tell us why you don’t think genetics are what makes a dog’s temperament.

I am an Animal Psychology student and I just studied pit-bulls and dogs similar to them. Did you know that a dogs behavior (characteristics, attitude, etc.) is actually hereditary and passed down from birth parents. There is a ~60% chance that their parent’s demeanor will be passed down. So if the dog’s parent’s have a bad attitude, there is a large chance the puppy will grow up and have a bad attitude too. How you raise a dog is obviously the most important factor but dogs with an aggressive history will have a hard time turning into a softy.
I wish people appreciated this more and stop saying that pit-bulls are bad because of parenting. That is not always true.

And I thought I was the only one……..

People just refuse to accept genetics. People want to think that love cures all. The environment makes the dog *good or bad*.

It seems this is a HUGE problem with the American Pit Bull Terrier than any other breed of dog. Many *Pit Bull Advocates* do the breed more harm than good because they have closed their minds to the possibility the animal is the way it is NOT because of *how it was raised* but because of skewed genetics.

As my avatar says: Great dogs are BORN. Not MADE.

At this point I feel that the Pit Bull advocates are doing just as much harm as those that hate the breed.

I don’t understand what it is about genetics that people are seemingly incapable of understanding.You don’t get a Pit Bull and expect it to act like a lab because you “raised it with nothing but love”

I just posted a question about Pit Bulls .…

I will be honest, I was on the fence. I felt bad for those that lost their dogs unfairly, and I wanted to believe there was something more – some unexplained evil that would explain why this breed has been exterminated.

But, after reviewing all of those reports, and the many incidents of bites around the world, and the descriptions of the KIND of bites (many were raised in homes with families – these were not Michael Vick’s dogs ) and then reading persons feedback, I’ve finally reconciled my view: I have no use for this breed. I’m quite happy to see it go the way of the Dodo.

Call me a hater, or whatever you want, there is nothing anyone can say that will justify these stats or convince me the breed is worthy of rehabilitation.

Why the dog became unstable – I don’t know. And I don’t care. Its no doubt a problem humans created – but that is of little consolation to those that were brutally bitten, maimed and killed.

What is worse: It is MOST DEFINITELY GENETIC. Which for me was the tipping point.

What actually really pisses me off is people who own the breed and DENY there is a problem. Its actually justified BSL – when people refuse to take ownership of their problem – government intervenes. And it puts all other breeds at risk – because what the idiots in society cannot seem to realize is – DOGS don’t have rights. People do.

And the non-dog owning public or the public who owns dogs that are not PB does not have to live in mortal fear of being mutilated.

So, its on the record.

And by the way, I feel the same way about Tosas, Presas, and a host of other breeds. I don’t live in threat of attack by wild beasts, I live in a dip-shitty town – in close quarters with people – who own dogs and have little children – who want to walk down a street and be safe. If I had neighbors who felt its their right to own killing machines, then I would happily get a gun – and shoot them (the dogs – not the neighbors).

Yeah, I’m done with being politically correct. I’ve been out for the last few days with my old dog who is very fragile and cannot endure any bites, and purposely taken him to places where dogs must be leashed to keep him safe, and endured all kinds of idiots with dogs running loose who mouth off and swear at me when I politely ask them to leash their f*king dog. Like I really believe these so called “perfect” owners exist. Bullocks.
Acutally, Im having a bad week. What this experience (with my old dog) has made me realize is: if these were Pit Bulls, or Tosas – I’d probably be sweeping what is left of my dog up off the street. I’m not allowed to defend myself (with a weapon) in Ontario – I cannot own a firearm – so what exactly does a person do?

Am I supposed to stay home in fear and let the inmates run the asylum?

What has changed in my lifetime is people who know jack about dogs – see one advertised on the internet, and want to buy it. This dog was raised in some outback in the USSR or some extreme jungle in South America – its bred to defend a farm against Giant Bears or Tigers but they ignore all that and they decide it would be cute to have in the burbs.

OK. I’m done now. Thanks for letting me unload. 🙂
Its not about hate. Its about respecting others in the community you live in. When you are young – you believe you are omnipotent and nothing can touch you. When you get old like me, you realize how fragile life is.

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