POLL/SURVEY: Do you find Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to be attractive? :)?

I don’t! I don’t really see what other dudes see in her…

STAR this question please!

No all my lesbian thinks she’s hot but I don’t see why I don’t think she is ugly but defiantly not my cup of tea lol

I think she’s very attractive.

Until she starts to talk.

She’s not bad for an old lady but no.

thank you! finally someone who agrees with me… she is NOT attractive. She has no brains or beauty… hehe

i’ll star the question!!

but my gawd is that gov. stupid… she really has no brains lol (no offense)

No…I’m a strait girl. She tries to be cute but she really isn’t!


You can tell she’s a freak in bed, so I’d hit that…

for a politician yes. my friend says she is a vpilf though.

I wouldn’t say shes ugly…………..but she isnt hot

she’s pretty
but not THAT hot

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