Is it OK that I don t have any black friends?


No it is not. That makes you a racist.

No. It’s fine.

If you deliberately try to not be friends with black people, you should probably make some changes to your outlook on people. if that’s not the case then your fine

If you’re doing so intentionally then yes it is a problem

Of course its okay. I don’t have any black friend either. Though that’s mainly because I stay inside all day everyday. I’m such a loner oml.

Perfectly OK. There are great tracts of the UK completely bereft of black people. It would be perfectly understandable to have no contact with black people in these areas. Something not often covered is the many black people who have no desire to have white friends. Quite right to…all life is matter of individual choice.

Probably not if you are black.

Yes, it’s not OK to have racist friends though.

Blacks are probably happy with that.

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