If there is a war between Lebanon and Israel who would Egypt side with?

Egypt has a peace and, trade treaty with Israel if a war breaks out would Egypt risk financial loss due to trade cuts by Israel, and severe criticism and fund cutting by the United States to side with their Arab brothers?
If they do, do you think the risk would be worth it?

To tell you the truth and I don’t want to offend anybody here, I think that Egypt will do nothing except maybe say some choice words, let’s face it guys from what I red even you the participants admit that your government is pretty corrupt. So it doesn’t matter whether you like or dislike Israel your politicians are going to do what they want anyways, and from what I see your politicians have a sweet deal going for themselves, the money that the US government pays to your government find its way to the nearest Swiss bank account, and you guys don’t see a single penny of it, and it’s in Israel’s interest to keep a trade relation between themselves and your government , because if they don’t the same thing will happen to them that happened to the Africa Corp in WWII without oil their war machine will come to a halt, so they will put extra pressure on the US to keep you guys happy, that’s why I don’t think that your government will do much.

There is almost no trade between Egypt and israel which has no money of their own to pay for goods. As for America, it’s in the peace treaty and nothing in the Egyptian economy to affect it. Actually it’s just to apply the treaty part by American government, but they don’t give cash money as you think. They give us nothing useful and they pay for some retired Americans who was rewarded to work in that project in Egypt. We hate this aid, but we’ll not leave it for your sake or others. That was in the peace treaty between israel and Egypt which America was part of. This is a well known policy when a big power guarantee an agreement with such a military state living on funds and blackmailing of European countries since more than 70 years.
I think the question should be whether a country who was defeated in 1973 by Egypt would find it interesting to face Egypt again which is sick of a war maker neighbor !.

Even though it’s been a long time but there is a proverb that says ” My brother and I against my cousin and my cousin and I against the foreigner” basically i don’t like the lebanese very much but i HATE israelis, politically speaking i don’t think Egyptian government would make a move but if there is a direct threat then you will find 80 million Egyptians down in tel aviv because we hate those f*ckers pretty much.

@Zoser: Well i didn’t say that but i said direct threat-maybe i didn’t add to Egyptian soil- like if this drama affects Egypt in any way then we will make a stand we won’t just stay at our homes while israel bombs Egypt for instance.no?

I am sorry but could not hold my self by the first post,,( Saudi knows it has power over Israel and is allied with Egypt. It simply begins oil embargo on US and the US won’t have the resources to supply Israel,,) The joke of today,,,,Saudi Arabia is occupied itself , they need USA more the need of USA to them,,, do you think that the humans can drink. eat OIL?? The biggest exporter of oil still imports benzine because they can not manufacture it ,They can only manufacture some biscuits and chocolate ,besides ,it is almost surrounded by the American, British,and other marines,,,Saudi Arabia knows that and all the world as well dear,,they can not /will not do anything,as they don’t want even to do anything,,,,, so spare us this funny opinion,,,
Never think they even have money, the Gulf ‘s money is in the west banks,, they will turn ups and downs and they will get ZERO if they ask for it,,,simply because there is NO money already
Anyway, Egypt will not side Israel,, but will side Lebanon verbally (only) some big words and that is it,,, That is the most that we can do,, do you think that Egypt has any resources to fight? and will risk Sinai which brings 85% of the tourism money to Egypt,,, No dear that will not happen,, Now in away if that happens (war between Israel/Lebanon) , it will bring more tourists to Egypt instead Lebanon ,,and Israel
Very soon Egypt will face -itself- a problem of water,, do you think the (brothers ) will help us then????

Yes Truth hurts,,, we may not like it but IT IS THE TRUTH, besides when have we liked anything recently???

@wolfy: do not be such emotional,, facts are facts, when Israel destroyed south Lebanon,, No Egyptian was in Tel Aviv,,besides neither Israel will fight Lebanon nor Lebanon will fight them,, the max,,that Israel will fight hesballah, and may destroy some targets in Syria,, and the Syrian will not even going to react back (repeated boring scenario..!!!) ,, dear I am sorry , we can not ,,, it is simple,,

edit 2 sorry wolfi,, I misunderstood,,but Israel will never fight Egypt,,, why they do??no reason,,is not worth it,,,, to be honest,, I am sorry no one even will want to occupy us,,, that is a burden , how they would arrange food for 85 millions,,,,trust me no direct war on us for the time and the near future ,,, it is enough to cause (water problems to us and that is it)

Things are different from before. Saudi knows it has power over Israel and is allied with Egypt. It simply begins oil embargo on US and the US won’t have the resources to supply Israel. However, Israel has a large military force but not large enough to hold of the current Arab League. Egypt would definitely side with Lebanon unless war is started by a splinter-military.

Egypt will stay out of it. Reason is because Hezbollah has been driving Egypt crazy for 2 years now with smuggling operations and bomb plots screwing up there tourist industry in the sinai. So Egypt wont forget that and suddenly become buddies with Hezbollah

Same time Egypt dousnt want to appear as buddies with Israel, so they will just stay quiet.

After the humiliating defeat of IDF at the Lebanese soil via a number of low coaching close to unarmed gorillas in 2006, Israeli governments are seeking to discover any possibility to end up to Israelis that IDF valued at their believe . They waged a struggle towards the civilians in Gaza wherein they failed once more there however to kill blameless females and youngsters. Yes Israel desire a moment struggle in Southern Lebanon, however towards whom?. Lebanese civilians once more? Definitely it’s going to now not be Egypt by myself who will stand towards them. The complete international will do at the desire that sooner or later the ones struggle mongers will difference their perspective closer to their associates.

I hate war , but i do respect Egyptian president , and sure we will not support anyone of them , both have their own objectives which are far from Egyptian object ivies

Egypt will do nothing but objections against israeli acts

Isint it obvious? Egypt has sided already with ‘Israel” on the Palestinian problem,..just yesterday they gassed and killed people trying to help the poor people in the Gaza concentration camp…Mubarek cares nothing for his people or anyone else, he only cares about staying in power.

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