I m straight but I support gay rights/ gay marriages. Is that weird?

I’m 15 years old and im straight, but i support gay rights. Is that weird or is it normal? I mean, no one in my family is gay and they are all completely against gay marriages and stuff like that. Mostly because I live in Tennessee, which is like the heart of the Bible Belt lol. I just think that everyone is different and unique and you can be whoever you want to be. I also think gay guys are kinda cute. I have friends who are gay, lesbian, and bisexual and I think of them all like I would think of any other person. My best friend is bisexual and I love her more than anything. My parents don’t like her her though. Also, my last boyfriend broke up with me because I became friends with her. It kills me to think you would judge someone just because they’re gay. Is anyone else straight but supporting gay rights/ marriages? Or am I just the only weird one lol?

That’s not weird! I support gay rights too!

NO..that’s not at all weird….and if it is u are not the only one….Yes i am straight and i support gay rights too!

No way! I’m really glad you didn’t let your family’s views get in the way of you believing
in equal rights! If it were weird for a straight person to support gay rights we’d ALL be in the closet. I’m in TN too so it’s good to hear some people have sense here.

No. Lots of straight people support gay rights/the gay community/gay marriages.

No, a LOT of straight people support same-sex marriages and other gay rights because, well, they’re human rights. So basically, you’re the normal one for having such a healthy and non-discriminatory attitude. 😛

The majority of my family is straight, and we all support gay rights.

I’m bisexual and I support heterosexual marriages. I support EQUAL RIGHTS for everyone, and that’s not weird at all.

You’re geographically challenged, but look at it this way: In 3 years, when you can vote, you can call up your representative and tell him or her that you won’t vote for someone who is homophobic. One voter at a time, things can change.

That would never be weird!! the more people who support gay rights, the better chance the LGBT community has!
Thank You for your support 🙂

What’s not normal is how your ex boyfriend and family treat gay people.

im straight but my opinion of gays is that they arent hurting me so i dont care what they do
as a matter of fact, i wish there were more gay men, it would be less competition for me
i think the govt has more important things to worry about than gay marriage

I’m white but I support civil rights for minorities.

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