how do i ask a girl out without getting all nervous?

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Just be real, be you. Just say it; don’t hide anything, don’t be pretentious and act like someone else. It’s obvious and it’s such a turn off. I think that’s what a girl loves best – when a guy is honest about his feelings and just says it straight out, without trying to put up a front – it makes it more sweet. Don’t worry about a bit of awkwardness – some girls actually find that a little cute ;). The worst that can happen is the she’ll say no (which can be painful), but you’re a strong dude, you’ll get over it pretty quickly. There are so many amazing girls out there, so you don’t need to waste your time being bummed out. And if she says yes, well then, score!

Well. Just be yourself. Be confident. Girls can tell. Don’t ask her when she’s around people or your friends. It’ll make it more nervewrecking for you. Also make sure you ask her in person. Not over text or the phone. I’m 17 and I HATE getting asked out like that. haha.

Also, date wise. Try going somewhere simple and fun. Movies. Or a more laidback place for the first date. Until you get more comfortable. Then go to nicer places and stuff. Mix it up :]

Hope this helps. Good Luck!

You’re always going to be nervous no matter what, those are feelings we can’t hold back. But I suggest that you be romantic about it, maybe buy a single rose and give to her when you do ask her, I was wondering if you would like to go out sometime, get a drink of coffee or maybe catch a movie this weekend?

I’m sure she will be surprised by the rose and probably like it that you are a gentlemen. Maybe she will say YES.

Don’t worry about it, every one, gets nervous, when he asks a girl out.
Just take a deep breath, and try to relax as much as you can, and then, just let her know you like her, and would love to take her out on a date, as in a movie or dinner, whatever you had in mind.
She may or may not accept your kind offer, but at least you will have done it.
It will get easier the next time, you ask a girl out, if this one, doesn’t work for you.
Good luck.

One of the best ways is PRACTICE. Try to go somewhere out of your normal circle and just practice asking girls out. You may have to actually go out on some dates when they say yes.

But you are nervous in part because you realize you are doing something unfamiliar. So if you get more experience with girls outside of your normal area that you don’t really care about, then when you are asking out a girl you really care about , you will be familiar and comfortable with the process.

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Ask her in person on a day that you feel good and look nice. But first you might want to make sure it’s the right girl and maybe get to know her a little before asking her out.

Deep breathe and go in with the intention of what your asking. Don’t start a conversation and end up never asking her. Talk first if you want, but always remember your goal. And keep in mind, if she says no then all it means is you get the opportunity with some one else. You have nothing to lose, go for it!

Well, it all depends on you. It is hard for someone to say to you – Don’t be nervous. That is a reaction of your body that you don’t have so much control over.

You should be spontaneous – so that is not all that pre-meditated or you will get nervous just thinking about what you will say…I guess.

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