Help! My cat will not stop shredding whole rolls of toilet paper!?

My cat is 7 or 8 months old at this point, and we’ve had her since 5 weeks. Her mother was hit and killed by a car when she was 2 weeks, and her mother’s owner could no longer care for 8 kittens needing bottle feeding. So, we took her and bottle fed and weened her.

Around the time she discovered how to jump, she discovered toilet paper was really fun to unravel. So, we placed the toilet paper on top of the tank, instead of on the holder. She soon learned how to get up there, knock it down, and tear it to pieces. So, we started putting it in the under-sink cabinet.

Well, putting it in the cabinet has worked – most of the time… But it has its drawbacks, and she sometimes gets in there and still finds it.

The drawbacks are, of course, forgetting to grab it out of the cabinet before going 1 or 2. LOL. And forgetting to put it back IN the cabinet.

Toilet paper is not safe in my house, and I can’t tell you all the money I’ve wasted because it’s her favorite toy!

A few facts about my cat:

1.) She does not like much human interaction. Does not like cuddling, does not like scratches, does not like playing directly with people. Loves my dogs, but will often nip if a person tries to handle her in any way.

She was hand raised – so figure that out.

2.) She has tons of toys and things to climb on.

3.) She has two willing playmates – a german shepherd and a pomeranian.

4.) She learned, successfully, that the coffee table and kitchen counter are off limits.

5.) She always uses her litter box.

My sister’s two cats outgrew their toilet paper fascination fairly quickly. So, I cannot, for the life of me, figure out why she will not outgrow this! I have scolded her, and yes… she DOES know what NO, bad kitten, and her name mean!

Help! She just destroyed the last roll in the house and it’s storming pretty bad outside and now I have to make the drive to the store in this horrible weather or not pee for the rest of the night. LOL.

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