Does the car dealers accept credit card as purchase a car?

One thing is most buyers buy car through bank loan, lease, or paid cash with check, money order, or a green paper money.

Now credit card can be done too? Few people have credit line limit that are high as 100,000 dollars.

Now what the different on paperworks for using credit card to buy a car? Or it make no different either with cash, or loan or credit card?

Usually they will only accept up to $4k on a CC, after that you would have to pay the 3-4% vig the dealer pays when they accept CC’s.

As a car dealer, I will tell you that any dealer can accept a credit card. There is no difference on the paperwork. Same as paying cash. Refuse to pay a fee if they have one. Make them eat it. Most dealers are not foolhearty enough to throw away a sale for just a few dollars. Things are so tough in the car business right now, that you can get a good deal if you push.

Buying a car on credit card is no different that writing a check or signing a loan. The paperwork for the transaction is exactly the same..Papers are signed as normal and when it’s time to close the deal, the credit car is given to the dealer; they charge your card and you’re set. Same applies to leasing cars. If a first month payment or cap reduction (down payment) is required, you can give them a credit card. I’ve done that lots of times.

yes they do accept credit card,but a lot of credit cards have over 20% APR. For example, if you will pay whole balance of your purchuase whitin 5 years it’s going to cost you almost double of your purchuase.

Yes a credit card can be used ,but you might have to pay a small fee when using a credit card.

Unlikely. merchandizer has to give a percentage of the sale to the credit card issuer.

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