Audi vs Jaguar vs Mercedes vs BMW?

Out of the four luxury brands, which is best in terms of handling (all weather conditions – snow, rain, ice, etc.)

Without a doubt the Audi wins hands down due to its class leading four wheel drive system….Any Stig will tell you… and if asked nicely he will show you.. just dont touch him or make eye contact and all will be well.
Best of luck.

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That 928 Porsche came out in 1978 and could do 162 mph back then, a awesome car..

I’d take it on a car-by-car basis. That said almost all beemers have good handling on tarmac, but might not fare so well off-road.

Of course if you want a luxury vehicle capable of handling just about anything Earth might throw at it, get a Range Rover!

Audi S4 It has a twin turbo V6 and it is extremely fast.

….whats going on ?… did someone call me..? oh I see a question is in need of an answer..


Why Audi ?

Because I said so… end of…!

what you need is to hand it over to a tamed racing driver.

Some say that he is biologically related to all the “blue” people who appeared in The Avatar and that he is only interested in a girl if she naturally twitches like Kristen Stewart!!All we know is,he’s called The Stig!!

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