7 years old and still wets the bed?

My daughter just turned 7 last month and I am still struggling with her still wetting the bed. I have taken the usual steps like stopping drinks, waking her, making her go before bed and dr visits but she still continues to wet the bed. For right now and for the past few months or so, I have taken away the pull ups hoping it would help but it hasnt. I really dont want to go back to pull ups because from experience, they are a waste of money and would leak almost every night but on the other-hand, I dont want to keep having to wash sheets either. After speaking with her dr, we were told (in front of my daughter) that it is totally normal and not to be embarrassed. Since that conversation she has been having an I dont care attitude over it and has pretty much stopped trying to stay dry. She wont go to the bathroom before bed, she will beg and beg for a drink when she knows she isnt allowed to have one and is starting not to help in the morning with her bedding. I dont get angry with her over it but I will say that her not caring is really getting under my skin. How is it possible to help her if she doesnt want to help herself? I would love to know how others in this situation are coping or if anyone else has a child as stubborn as mine. Thank you everyone.


My son started wetting the bed when he was 4. Like you, I was frustrated over the laundry. I had a schedule for him to wake up at midnight, and set the alarm for 3am also. Didn’t matter, he still would wake up wet at some point during the night.

I took him to our doctor when he was about 7 or 8 and was told that it’s very common, and that he should outgrow it by the time he’s 12. He gave him a prescription that stopped him from needing to pee during the night. There were no negative side effects, so my son wanted to try it. He wet the bed maybe once or twice a week while taking the pill. As he got older, the prescription changed (the dosage was based on weight).

He kept saying that he couldn’t wait until he was 12. Every time he went to a friend’s house overnight, we went on vacation, or he went to summer camp, he had to pack twice as much underwear as most kids would.

12 came and he still wet the bed. His dosage couldn’t be upped since the max was 3 of the pills, even though he weighed more. They just weren’t working so he stopped taking them but still wet nightly.

We went back to his doctor and got a referral to a pediatrician (last December). The pediatrician asked several questions about his nasal congestion (he has allergies) and his bowel movements. He was prescribed nose spray to clear his passages so he could breathe better at night (helping him to sleep better or something like that- he was a snorer). He also had to take Lax-a-day, a mild laxative just to soften his stool. That was to ease any pressure hard stool might place on his bladder. We did that and by the time we went back to the pediatrician a few months later, he hardly ever wet the bed anymore. Last April (just after he turned 13), we gradually stopped with the laxative and the nose spray, and he has rarely wet the bed since (like maybe, once a month).

Hang in there. She’s got to use the bathroom before bed, just to lessen the amount of pee during the night. Give her consequences if she doesn’t (take a toy or privilege away).

Very normal for a 7 yr old to wet the bed and need protection at night (diapering). Staying dry at night is a learned response between brain and body. As the body grows the response can get delayed due to whats called an immature bladder. Many kids from 3 to teenage years who have been dry begin to wet the bed and have the need to wear diapers at night. Our doctor explained to us that as the child grows, the bladder does not always grow as fast to keep up with the body growth which is called an immature bladder. It’s a stage where many kids go through to where the sensory to wake the child is not there due to the immature bladder. The child stay sleeping hence the child wets the bed because the bladder will empty. This stage typically happens after a child has been potty trained. Plus as children grow the heavier sleepers they become which doesn’t help so it’s not something you can train a child for at night. Every child is different, my son is 5 and still gets a diaper taped on him every night because of bed wetting yet some kids can get the response down at age 3 and never have a problem so the age when kids grow out of the bed wetting stage can vary.

Still limit the drinks at night and use diapers at night until she gets out of the bed wetting stage. It makes it much easier on everyone when diapers are used. With my son, once I started using diapers on him again (suggested by our doctor) we all get a restful nights sleep and I don’t have to wash sheets, pajamas and bedding every day. I would make sure she uses the toilet at night and if she still refuses to use the potty before bed time, I just don’t how you cant put her back into diapers at night. She is making that choice so I would diaper. Good luck

I would be upset that the dr told her that its okay & normal. He should have said it is ok for now, but we need to try different things that might help you stop this. How can she go stay the night at a friends house if she still wets the bed all of the time or go out of town on vacation without worrying if she will wet the bed that night or not. I think you should still MAKE her sit on the potty until she goes before she goes to bed (turn the faucet on if you have to) no drinks 2 hours before bed EVERY NIGHT& if she is still having problems wake her up in the middle of the night, or right before you go to bed & MAKE her go again. I think all kids have those night where they have accidents but not every night.Don’t be mean about it, let her know you are helping her become a bigger girl! Keep doing this over & over & I think before too long she will get the hang of it.

My brother wet the bed from ages five to six. Then stopped for a year then started again from eight to nine.
He stopped because my mom woke him up at midnight every night and sat him on the potty. She didn’t let him drink for two and a half hours before bed. She made him help with the sheets every time he wet. He had the same “I don’t care” attitude. So, my mom threatened to tell his friends he wets if he doesn’t try and stop and if he doesn’t help with the sheet. He wore pull ups and after the threat he started to stop, I’m not sure why he started again but he stopped the same way.

Grandson is 8 he still does too i had him potty trained before 5 then the mother kept putting him back in diapers believe it! So she could just ride around in the car with her friend The parents are divorced now but he still wets the bed Dr said its common but the mother says he does,nt do it when he is with her she wakes him up yeah right,i was thinking she has been putting depends or something on him i believe he is just too tired to get up and go ,to the bath room Dr said by 8 years of age it should be stopping but it has,nt..My sister wet the bed until she was 10 I dont know why ?so my Mother would get mad and threaten to take her to the Dr and she said if nothing is wrong with you ,you are going to get it then it stopped I think she was just nervous good Luck to you

I would suggest trying something like Goodnites or Underjams, which is sort of like pullups except specifically made for older children who wet the bed. it’s perfectly normal…many 7-year-olds wet the bed. She’ll probably outgrow it. If the problem is still going on in a few years from now, it might be time to consult a pediatrician.

Don’t worry, my sister, who is now 14, wet the bed up until she was 11! Some people just take lounger to stop, so I’m afraid you’ll have to put up with the sheets for now!

Definitely going to the bathroom before sleeping is the most important. Also, I heard somewhere that if you sleep in the clothes you wore during the day, it helps. Not sure if it actually works, just heard it somewhere.

no worry’s bed wetting can be until very high age

Well, I’m thirty-nine years old, and I still wet the bed… when I drink TEA!

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