Im gonna try killing myself?

I’m in the seventh grade and feel like such a failure. I have troubles in school and my mom says she ‘d rather give up custody of me or send me to a boot camp than let me homeschool for a couple months. She immitates me ans says I’m Ashley, and I’m a selfish little ***** who knows nothing about the real world. I know I’m smart but nobody gives a damn about me and I don’t want to talk to anybody cause my mom will manipulate them into thinking I’m the bad guy. On top of all this, my anorexia is coming back. I’m just so useless… I think I’m gonna swallow all the pills and medication I can get my hands on tonight…


Get away from your mom.
You can call child support or something, and get yourself away from her house and into somewhere you can live your life without her.

I have a mom that always have high expectations, extremely strict; but she does it for the good of my future. Your mom on the other hand, doesn’t sound like she wants u to have a good future. One can just tell, You are better off with a tiger mom than your current one.

These morose and sudden feeling you have isn’t going to stop, instead, it will pile up, towering beyond what your young mind and body can hold.
Know why?
1) you live with someone in the same house that you JUST can’t get along with.
2) She sounds like a real *****.
3) Your mom doesn’t realize your potential, and neither will she expect you to have one.

Here is the thing, everybody is smart, but what really separate sucess from the unsucessful is commitment, determination, adversity, innovation and hard work.

Don’t think of yourself as uselss please, I’ve been on the same boat as you. I once tried to cut myself until i bleed to death. Just live, it’s unfair for those that been through worst ****.

Don’t you hate your mom? What do you think she will do when you kill yourself?
Shes going to take bak the money on school fees, and your ensurance, etc.
Don’t you want revenge? Just live for god sakes and beat her down when you become sucessful and a proper girl.

Well, your not useless, or a failure. And a lot of people know this. Teachers, classmates.
There will always be people that are selfish wanting to pull everyone down to their low levels. Maybe your life has been revolving around people like that to much. Look around you will see happy folks. Hang out with that sort of people. Do talk to a school counselor, or Church minister, a trusted Annt
The thing is: the tween – teen years are confusing. Your body changes, your thoughts and beliefs can be totally turned upside down. Parents suddenly seem to become so stupid it is beyond belief.
Hang in there, because life really is worth living. You might take a few scrapes and bruises along the way. But give it 10 years.

Hi, It doesn’t sound like you need to kill yourself as much as get the help you deserve and love to feel better.
People don’t just give up when there is something that goes a little , or even a lot, wrong in their lives.
They know that things will pass and get better, especially if they take the right action to solve problems.
It sounds like you need to get help again with your eating disorder and some help with problem solving.
problem solving means a person finds ways to resolve the problem so that it works well for you and in this situation, your mom.
this is nothing to kill yourself over.
She apparently thinks you are spoiled, are you? Can you let her know that you need some way to build up your self esteem and learn skills in how to create your best life.
She needs to know that you are feeling depressed and suicidal and that means help with therapy.
here is a place to talk to others so you can get back on track and get going into a happy future.
maybe you will like this site also, idk
I have found that it helps to understand yourself and the people in your life and it helps in dealing with them.
You have no reason to kill yourself. Find the help you deserve and create a positive life. Life is too short already.

Hey Ashley. Please don’t do it. Look, what your mom is doing is wrong, and you don’t deserve that. Don’t let what she does influence you. I think that you need to speak to someone. A friend, teacher, priest whoever. They will understand. Or even send me an email or two. My email is I’m 16 so a bit older than you but still young so if you need a friend I’m here for you. Just don’t give up, you’re smart and brave to tell us your story, prove your mom wrong!

do u have a big sister are somebody u can talk too a grandmother are something because killing urself is not the answer trust me i’m 31 and i been down that road before and if u kill urself ur soul want go to heaven so think about that

get away from your mean mother. go to a shelter. Don’t kill yourself as there is always tomorrow. You are just beginning in life. You need encouragement. Your mother is probably jealous of you. Boot camp isn’t that bad unless you let it.

Sweetie, God created you specially and beautifully, and Jesus loves you so much that He died to save you! That’s how I know you’re gorgeous and smart! Don’t listen to ignorant people!

John 3:16
to receive salvation, believe that Jesus’ death on the cross is the only way to get to God and Heaven
I’ve overcome anorexia too, and I would love to help:)

Don’t. you’ll get out of it all eventually. you’ll grow up and have your own family and someone who thinks the world of you will love you forever. Everything will get better. Suicide is permanant and what your going through is temporary. Try hard in school and you’ll do great. everything will get better. think about the future.

Don’t TRY to kill yourself, if you’re going to do it make sure you succeed. If you think your life sucks now you’ll be horrified to discover how much worse it will be if you try to kill yourself but fail!

Given that you are so useless, the chances are you will fail!!

Think on!

hey if you have a phone text me (you can get my number by emailing me at i’m 15 and going through the same thing we can talk about it and work through it together

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