Would you vote for Donald Trump as President?

And why?

Just want some opinions.

Yes. He is the only business man in NYC to have building projects end early AND under budget. Usually projects end late and over budget. He knows how to run a business, America is one big business. He`ll stop China and OPEC from messing with our dollar and economy

No, the following link covers why.


Yes. He’s a great businessman and I’d think he could help the debt.

If the choice is Trump or Obama then hell yes.

That clown has declared bankruptcies four times.

No, he was given all the resources in the world to be truly sucessful and all he has been able to do is promote himself.

Yeah. He holds good political stances and he is a politician with experience, unlike our current president.

Besides, America is capitalist. Shouldn’t we have a capitalist running the country instead of someone who doesn’t know what he’s doing?

no cause i got some sense.

Yeah! So he can fire some people!

no. I don’t respect him on any level.

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