Why don t many shelters adopt to people under 21?

I’m 19 and looking to adopt a new dog. I know, most people my age are irresponsible dog owners, there’s too much going on at this age, etc. Not good reasons in my book, since I believe that everyone should be treated as an individual and not lumped together because of age. I know, it doesn’t matter what I think, but all of that is beside the point.

Anyways, I was told there was some legal issues too? I know next to nothing about law, unfortunately, so could anyone tell me more about this?

I think it’s just a convenient age, though most people at 21 are still in the same boat they were at when they were 18-19 unless they’re working full-time and not in school (atleast full-time). I don’t think that it’s really a guarantee at *any* age that someone is going to be more responsible. If you make enough money to support yourself and your pet/their expenses and if you have the permission of your family if you’re still living at home thats all that should matter.

If you are clean, working, and appear to be responsible, most places will allow it though may request that your parents are present to sign for the pet or have the application filled out in one of their names. I went through a shelter like that with an age restriction when I adopted my cat (I was 20), and they first told me to have my mom’s name put on the application and have myself listed as the primary caretaker, though since I was working full time and was well prepared they didn’t have any issue with it.

It all depends on the place, and working with shelters fostering animals has taught me that making the best first impression is the most important thing. You have to come in prepared, you have to sound like you know what you’re doing, be polite, bring your parents with you if you feel they might be more strict on the no under 21 rule. And yeah before you do it, you definitely need to have a job in hand, and the longer you’ve been working at it, the better it looks.

It’s definitely worth it once you are financially able to adopt a shelter dog. You will find shelters and rescues with their heads so far up their butts its ridiculous, but also ones willing to throw animals at anyone who will pay. Just do your research and get a good idea of what kind of behaviors you can and cannot tolerate and will be willing to work to train with your new dog once you do get them. A GOOD shelter knows what they’re doing but can readily recognize someone who cares a great deal about giving their new pet a good life, and if you go into it prepared then you shouldn’t have an issue finding a new friend.

It is probably along the same lines as to why most hotels won’t rent rooms to anyone under 21. They don’t want a bunch of 18 year old’s coming in on their senior year spring break, throwing parties, getting plastered, and trashing their rooms. By 21 you are more responsible, and you can drink at bars and clubs, you don’t have to hide in the hotel room to party. Similarly, shelters don’t want to adopt out animals to people who may be irresponsible and end up dumping the animals back into the shelter a few months later, when the “cuteness” and “new” wears off. Not to say that all 18-20 year olds are irresponsible and incapable of adopting and raising an animal, many are. Just like many 21 year olds aren’t responsible enough. If you are financially stable enough, and have the time to adopt, it is a great thing. If you call around to enough shelters you may find one who will let u adopt.

Because they cannot sell an animal to someone who may not be able to afford finances. Same reason you couldn’t sell a puppy to a 10 year old. They don’t have a job, how can they pay for the vet bills? I guess 21 because that’s the legal age for most other things.

I personally think it’s a good idea. It’s no different to selling a dog to a child, they can’t be responsible for a pet when they’re not legally responsible for themselves. Yes, people should be treated as individuals and not based on age, but they have to think of the animals in this case. It’s not a phone. It’s a permanent member of the family.

And I am also not sure on the specifics of the law regarding it. But I’m guessing it’s pretty much what I said.

I can’t think of any legal issues – if you’re 19, you’re old enough to sign a contract and the law ends there.

I do understand that many 21 year olds lead unstable lives and it’s hard to tell what will happen to the dog in question. Heck, I’ve never given up a dog in my life (and won’t) be even the dog I adopted at 19 years old lives with my parents now because my landlord decided to change his mind on the pet policy. She’s happy there and I see her every weekend (in fact, she much prefers my father to me anyway) but I do see the concern.

If you have parents that are willing to co-sign or state that the dog can live with them should something happen, it may greatly help.

this varies from city to city and county to county. best bet would be to go to the shelter and ask about their age/adoption policy.

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