why do the jews and christians dont acknowledge muhammad?

the books of jews and chrisitians do stated a next prophet. they also didnt say that thier propthet is the last, as islam says about muhammad (PBUM). then why do the jews and christians dont acknowledge muhammad as prophet? is there any reason or just because of they are following a seperate religion? notable that muslims acknowledge jesus and moses as prophet.

Judaism does not recognise anyone that seeks to change even a single letter of the Torah as being a prophet. Prophets spoke in the name of God to support the Torah- not to detract from it. The Torah explictly states that it is an ETERNAL law that will never change- and that if someone comes and performs miracles and tries to change even a single letter- they are merely a test, and one we pass by not listening to them! So since Mohammed did not adhere to jewish law (a prophet actually has to obey every aspect of the law), and sought to change what the Torah stated- he was rejected as nothing more than yet another person looking for self aggrandisement by setting themselves up as the head of a false religion.

First off the Quran does not refer to a Book but a MESSAGE. The Message that Jesus brought. Which is not the message in the Bible. The bible is the Human interpritation of that message. Jesus was never “Handed the Gospel” HE WAS THE GOSPEL. The walking talking message of Allah(SWT) His words were the Injeel. The Injeel is not the bible. The bible is a book of stories about Jesus that have been changed and edited over and over. And the Quran makes it clear that Jesus is NOT the son of Allah. God does not need to stoop so low as to procreate. He is a CREATOR He has no need to Procreate. And the Quran NEVER says that Jesus was or will be “resurected” He will return but it is clear he has not died. If you have not died you can not be “resurected” in the way you refer to it. All that said you are not asking a question at all. You do not want to hear the answer. You are ranting, twisting and outright lieing about our book to try to prove your own Fataly flawed book. So my Question is if Christianity is so great why don’t you talk about how good it is instead of attacking something you know nothing about. And if it is such a great religion why are people like myself, raised Devout Christians, running to Islam. Because we have READ both books and there is no comparison. The Quran is logical and beautiful and makes sense, The Quran is everything that Allah(SWT) is. The Bible is well….. Human. It is Sad that people feel that Christians feel the need to make religion more like Attack politics. In Politics most people have the common sense to see that if a Politician spends all his time attacking his opponent it is because he has nothing to offer. And the fact is with religion it is the same. If you have to spend all your time attacking other faiths it is because you are too afraid to talk about your own faith because sooner or later people will see the truth and run the other way. If you really want to covert people this is not the way to do it.

It was the Prophet Mohammed himself who attempted to negate the positive image of the Jew that had been prevalent earlier. According to historian Bernard Lewis, the Prophet Mohammed’s original plan had been to induce the Jews to adopt Islam; when Mohammed began his rule at Medina in AD 622 he counted few supporters, so he adopted several Jewish practices-including daily prayer facing toward Jerusalem and the fast of Yom Kippur-in the hope of wooing the Jews. But the Jewish community rejected the Prophet Mohammed’s religion, preferring to adhere to its own beliefs, whereupon Mohammed subsequently substituted Mecca for Jerusalem, and dropped many of the Jewish practices.

Jews faced the danger of incurring the wrath of a Muslim, in which case the Muslim could charge, however falsely, that the Jew had cursed Islam, an accusation against which the Jew could not defend himself. Islamic religious law decreed that, although murder of one Muslim by another Muslim was punishable by death, a Muslim who murdered a non-Muslim was given not the death penalty, but only the obligation to pay “blood money” to the family of the slain infidel. Even this punishment was unlikely, however, because the law held the testimony of a Jew or a Christian invalid against a Muslim, and the penalty could only be exacted under improbable conditions–when two Muslims were willing to testify against a brother Muslim for the sake of an infidel.

Some hadiths are of interest:

Bukhari Volume 7, Book 62, Number 64 -Narrated ‘Aisha: that the Prophet married her when she was six years old and he had sex with her when she was nine years old, and then she remained with him for nine years (i.e., till his death).

Hadith 1:229: I used to wash the traces of Janaba (semen) from the clothes of the Prophet and he used to go for prayers while traces of water were still on it (water spots were still visible).


Muslims consider Jesus a prophet, Christians consider him to be the Messiah, the Son of God. Christianity was over 600 years old when Muhammad lived. If Christians accept Jesus as only a prophet, they would have to deny his status as Savior who died to destroy death.

That is a chief difference between the two religions, they are in conflict over the identity of Jesus Christ.

Because according to the Koran and the sahih hadiths, Muhammed’s have many character flaws. He broke every single one of the 10 commandments. How can then christians and jews believe that he is a prophet?

Islam came after Judaism and Christianity and was an off shoot of both to some degree kinda like part of the same family tree, that is why Islam recognizes them. They in turn do not recognize Islam for the same reason Jewish don;t recognize Christianity. Both Islam and Christianity are rebel religions that stemmed from the Bible.
Same God for all if there is in fact only one God….and if there is one God and many religions I am certain God loves the good in all of them….The trick it seems is getting people to love each other in spite of their differences.

It is simple, every relegion claimed to be the last and true relegion. That’s why Jews rejected Jesus and then Jews and Christians both rejected Muhammed. Also Muslims now reject anybody claims to be a messenger of God since Islam came to be the last and comprehensive religion for all humanity according to what Muslims believe.

The Islamic religion has to mention Jesus to gain inherint credibility if it is to claim that it comes from the same god (which is also done to give it credibility). Similarly, Christians have to acknolwedge Moses and Abraham to gain credibility from Judaism.

For christians or jews to admit that Muhammed was a prophet would mean that they would also have to acknowledge that Islam is from their god and is therefore also legitimate.

That is how religion works.

Islam evolved AFTER Judaism and Christianity had written their books —- hello?!! Of course muhamed wouldn’t be in there, he wasn’t born yet!! Besides, muhamed wasn’t the last prophet, just like Devorah wasn’t the last prophetess. There are others. If God never changes and never dies, that means he is still doing things the way he has always done them. So why don’t muslims acknowledge modern prophets and prophetesses?! Explain that one.

He is nothing more then a false prophet.
The Bible talks about another comforter, that is the Holy Spirit not Mo.
Jesus is much more then just a prophet, HE is God in the flesh, second in the trinity.
I the book of Revelation it clearly states that if you add anything to the Bible the plagues in it will be added to you, and if you take anything away from it your name will be taken out of the Book of Life.

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