Why do people believe in a 2000 year old book?

Why do people believe in a 2000 year old book with a bunch of stories that have absolutely no evidence that it actually happened? And what simple modern day science is proving wrong a countless number of times?

If you really want to know the answer. All you need to do is to truly open your heart and mind, get down on your knees when you are in private and pray for the answer. The God I worship doesn’t only exist in the words of the Bible. The Holy Ghost Will come to you if you ask in truth. Then read your Bible.

–OBVIOUSLY you do not seem to have knowledge of how many noteworthy people have felt of the great worth of the Bible:

*** g84 3/22 p. 10 Why Should I Read the Bible? ***


“The Bible is worth all other books which have ever been printed.”—Patrick Henry, American statesman

“I am convinced that the Bible becomes even more beautiful the more one understands it. Let culture and science go on advancing, and the mind progress as it may, it will never go beyond the elevation and moral culture of Christianity, as it glistens and shines forth in the Gospels.”—Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, German writer

“I find more sure marks of authenticity in the Bible than in any profane history whatever.”—Sir Isaac Newton, British scientist

“ . . . probably the most influential collection of books in human history. Whatever one may think of the Bible’s contents, its role in the development of western culture and in the evolution of many eastern cultures makes at least some acquaintance with its literature and history an indispensable mark of the educated man.”—The Encyclopædia Britannica

“It is the best book that ever was or will be in the world, because it teaches you the best lessons by which any human creature who tries to be truthful and faithful can possibly be guided.”—Charles Dickens, English author

–OR IF YOU already know and are not impressed , what can I say, you have free will to believe what you wish!

TRUE SCIENCES, such as Chemistry, biology, astronomy, geology, physics is not at odds with the Bible teachings!
–ITS ONLY the unproven pseudo science of evolution that is not only at odds with the Bible but with all of the other factual sciences!

I don’t see how the age of the book is relevent. 2000 years from now, all the books that are being published now will be 2000 years old. Is that any reason to dismiss them all?

You’re wrong to say the stories in the Bible “have absolutely no evidence” for them. The Babylonian exile, for example, has a plethora of evidence to support it, which is evident in Babylonian archaeology.

Because the subject of that Book – the Lord Jesus Christ, radically changed my life in an instant, totally changing me from the inside out, changing me from a God-hater to a God-lover, changing me from a liar and a thief to an honest and generous man; changing me from a rebel to a worshiper – by the miracle of the New Birth – Spiritual Rebirth, at a time when I did not even know such a thing was possible, no man was speaking to me of such things, and at a time when I was most embittered against God.
God proved many of the truths written in that dusty old book in my personal experience, long before I realized they were written.
In due time, He brought me to see, that the realities God had disclosed to me personally were written in the Bible long before I ever experienced them.
Therefore, I am convinced it is the Word of the Living God, and I have met many, many people who can testify the same, if they care to.

The Bible is God’s holy inspiration. That word (which is God) has the power to transform a heart. The Bible holds the truth and deep wisdom that no one understands without the holy spirit’s revelation. The word of God stands today for a reason. All those other manuscripts were crumbled with age, except this one that was preserved for a reason.

It is the key to life and death.

For one thing, it’s not 2000 years old. It’s either younger than that, or older than that, depending on which part you are looking at.

For another thing there is plenty of evidence of things that happened in it, I would encourage you to look things up like archeology to find out the tons of stuff there. I would also like you to remember that people who obviously haven’t studied the Bible, such as yourself, would know better than ask a question like the one you just delivered. It shows your ignorance – which isn’t really bad in of itself, but also shows that you made up your mind before you ever studied the book, which is a bad thing in and of itself.

Please slap yourself to wake yourself up.

The Bible is more than 2000 years old.
People believe it because it exists.
Whether what is in it or not exists is up to them.

Because it is the only science book mankind needs to survive on Earth.

A better question would be:

Why do people believe in a 2000 year old book with rape, murder, genocide, hatred, homosexual hate, injustice, sexism, and stoning people to death at the gate of their city?

The answer? I have no damn idea.

Age has no bearing on truth. You should know that. Otherwise why are you using even older fossils as evidence for your evolution theory?
Kisses Betty B.

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