Why did Neo-Nazism become such a stronger force in Western Europe than the United States, after World War II?

I’m an American, and I’ve heard that in European countries such as Britain, they have (relatively strong) Neo-Nazi groups and parties such as the BNP.

However, a lot of these European countries dealing with neo-Nazism were on the Allied side (Britain, France, Russia), and they actually lost more of their populations (as a percentage) than the United States did.

So it makes me think: Wouldn’t there be more of a stigma in associating with neo-Nazi causes in those countries rather than the US?

And why do people choose to join such groups in relatively large numbers in this century?

Of course, us Americans have racist groups such as the KKK, also, but they are certainly very fringe and maligned here…

Two reasons. One was immigration which increased from nations with different skin colours in Europe. The USA has always had a more ethnically diverse mix to its population than Europe has.

And the other reason is that the far right was already stronger in the USA after World War II than it was in Europe. Europe fought a war against the far right, and as a result, there was less of a base for the far right at first. But now, coming up to seventy years after the start of World War II, many people have forgotten what the far right means in Europe.

Whereas people in the USA are taught about the civil rights movement, the actions of Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King and the like. We never had segregation in Europe while you in the USA did. We found it strange that people were denied rights based on skin colour while this was considered normal in the south of the USA. The fight against injustice in the US is much fresher in the minds of people in the USA than it is in Europe, which is why the far right has been pushed back rather than being on the rise.

1 out of every 4 Christians in the world are Catholic. But the Catholic Church has changed over the years, just like the numbers have. Some Catholic Churches are old fashion, and some are more modern and lenient. That’s why most people brake off into Protestant churches. As for the “no religion” people, some people that believe in God choose not to call it a “religion”. Have you ever heard the saying “Jesus is my savior. Not my religion.” It pretty much means worship God the way the bible says to, not the way man-made religious groups tell you to. As for the atheist, more people are becoming too smart, and thinking science is the key to everything.

Because the Nazies were originally formed to one, kill jews…and two, kill Russians and commies.

After WW2 The USSR made a huge grab for countries in order to create a buffer zone.

People in western Europe saw this and when Nazi leaders started saying this in the 1950’s when USSR was grabbing countries, more people listen as opposed to 1920-30 (it was generally viewed as hate speech back then)

That political power has just stuck around.

The US did it differently. Think McCarthy and the ongoing paranoia about communism, to the point that ‘socialism’ is still a dirty word. The hounding of communists right through to the early 60s is simply mind-boggling from a European perspective. You did a neo-Nazi thing (including the persecution of Jews) without ever calling it that.

Facism, Nazism, Corporatism is flourishing in the United States…just changed the cover and gave it a different sales pitch…aimed it at fearful whites and hateful christians (extreme overlap) and now facism today has a permanent base of support in America

Er, you just had eight years of what can only be described as the closest thing the ‘free’ world has come to neo-Nazism in power.

The BNP is fringe and has no representation in the British parliament.

In actuality Germany has some of the worlds largest groups if laid side by side in comparison of numbers. It is not highly publicized as these groups are outlawed in Germany.

It may have something to do with the invitation of Gastarbeiter and the general competition for available jobs- generally a cause for the underclasses who cling to extremism out of shear frustration.

After world war 2, we legally lynched blacks until 70s. Learn your history.

no we have much more skin head freaks the europe

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