Why are there so few people of color at Tea Party rallies?

Yes, there may be one or two colored persons per thousand at a Tea Party rally, if any at all, but why so few?

I am a brown skinned person.
Surely colored people feel that they are over taxed? I do.
Surely colored people feel that the banks should not have received a bailout? I do.
Surely colored people feel that wall street has too much power and influence over government? I do.

If the Tea Party is only about the issues, and not about racism, why do so few colored people attend?

After all, many colored people also are concerned about the national debt. I am.
Many colored people are concerned about the size of government. I am.

Why don’t they attend these rallies? Why are there only white people there?

Could it be because of the signs of nazism?
Could it be because of he signs displaying covert racist remarks?
Could it be because signs that depict a black man as an animal, or a sign that makes insulting remarks about race could be offensive.

Where was the tea party when Bush, Clinton, Bush Sr. and Regan exploded the size of government?

Why only now, when a black man is president, is there suddenly a backlash?
Could it be coincidence that there is only a backlash when a black man becomes president?

There a backlash of racism when the slaves were freed, We had Jim Crow and the KKK rise up after they were feed.
There was a backlash of racism when the civil rights act of 1968 was passed.

Could the tea party be a racist backlash against a black president?

Your taxes have not gone up.
Your still have the same freedoms as before.
No one took your guns away.
The capital market still runs wall street, the government does not.
We still have capitalist owners who own the corporations, it is not owned by the state.
Your health care is still privately owned and operated, not by the state.
As for the national debt, it started growing at this pace since Ronald Reagan, why didn’t a tea party form then?

If Ronald Regan were black, would there have been a tea party back in 1980?

Why are there no blacks at tea parties?

Is it because the tea party is a racist movement started from fear, or a legitimate anti-government movement. If the latter, why aren’t there any minorities there?

People generally have a sense of where radical groups are coming from. And minorities are not duped by the far rights’s Tea Party crowd. I say radical because tea partiers fit into that category. You would have to be radical to believe that making the markets freer will make our economy better. You have to be a radical to believe that making health care available to more Americans is wrong. And you definitely have to be a radical to chose ignoble icons from the past to compare to the current black president. C’mon, Hitler pics of Obama? How in the world could you compare….

Well, anyways. That sure does say something about their education. And as you pointed out, the national debt tripled under Reagan, so where were the govt spending protests then? I’ve yet to see any of the tea people or their sympathizers comment fully on that. The growth of govt is what it is, no matter if tax dollars are spent on domestic issues or useless defense programs.

The sad thing is that Obama has awaken the hatred in many of those on the right. They claim that they are made up of all people, but when’s the last time you say a liberal at one of their rallies. I sure haven’t. They may attract some moderates simply because of their devotion to solving govt spending, but even then moderates realize that Republicans haven’t been the party of thriftiness.

There are, it’s just you look at them as tokens. Plus, tea parties are not affirmative action organizations that base entrance on the color of skin.

Use the zit-headed a$$clown vrzz (below) as an example.

get over yourself

i didnt cower in fear when i saw a sign of bush as a monkey with a rope around his neck

so brown or black ppl should’nt cower in fear either

Like you’ve ever been to a Tea Party gathering…

They never learned to take care of themselves & fret at the idea big govt won’t be there to feed them.

Blacks and Jews are very insular and all vote Democrat based on their culture as if they can’t think as individuals.

I can’t wait for the race war, “brown” race-baiting white-hating tribal freak.


Is this how you want your children to grow up, White people? Is this the country you want to leave your children? A country where the tribal racist BROWN PEOPLE that we graciously invited into our first-world country from their cesspools constantly HATEMONGER on us and call us RACISTS and ask for special treatment and money??

Do you not recognize this behavior from nonwhite and/or nonChristians? It’s tribal aggressive domination over us.

Coz ‘tea parties’ are for sissies ?

Blacks prefer to riot.

(thumbs this one down, haters)

Because if they try to attend they will be covered with spit before they get to the Rally. It is uncomfortable.

honestly, its like a white guy going to a black panther party

The one or two that you see from time to time are nothing but decoys. Much similar to Michael Steele. Just there to defuse the fact that most of the teabaggers are racist bigots.

Sort of like ….. “Hey look, we have a black person here, we’re not racist, see?”

Because they aren’t interested in cutting government giveaway programs

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