Which type of bullying is the worse?

Which of this can cause more psychological damage?
Physical Bullying
Verbal Bullying
Cyber Bullying
Or what type?

I do not necessarily think that the type, or avenue of bullying is a major factor However, I do believe HOW the person that is bullied is affected and reacts is what is most significant.

Every individual has a different level of tolerance, mental capabilities differ, and sadly, there is a breaking point for many. Bullying has become so rampant by individuals who themselves lack the social skills, intellectual acumen, and emotional capacity to understand the devastating effects of bullying. When there is a lack of self confidence, a void in ones sense of self, a lack of a supportive home environment, and strong ties to community to name a few, that can play an important role as to how and why a person chooses to bully.

As for those who suffer at the hands of a bully, I personally feel the stronger an individuals bond is with their family, friends, spirituality/religion, and community all factor in. This can provides the encouragement and support that enables one to cope and overcome being bullied. Also, the stronger an individuals self confidence,mental stamina, and self reliance is, the better the odds to withstand the trauma of being bullied. Unfortunately, bullies often prey on those who are less likely to be independent, emotionally, or physically strong. Bullies are cowards and generally do not work alone, they need to be validated by a group who are followers, are easily led through intimidation and manipulation tactics. Sort of a “band of misfits”, for lack of a better phrase.

I feel there is a great deal lacking in regards to bringing awareness, and educating those (parents, community leaders, teachers, etc.) who can and should make every effort to bring change to how society deals with those who bully, and those whom fall victim. There needs to be significant strides made, new laws passed to discourage, and punish those who bully in any fashion. Victims need to be helped more swiftly, through any avenues,albeit medical or financial, whatever is necessary. Families whom have lost members due to bullying also deserve to see justice served, a small consolation in any event but there must be a starting place.

There are far too many heartbreaking stories of young people whom have suffered so brutally and painfully, that they thought the only answer was that of taking their own lives. It is sad, it is tragic, and unbearably devastating to those who loved, and cared for them.

Even though all types of bullying can be psychologically damaging, I would have to agree that the worst is Cyber Bullying. Personally, I’ve never been Cyber bullied but I know on Facebook, someone in our school has put up a burn book which pretty much trashes everyone in the school. I could find it though when I looked so no clue what they’ve got on there about me.. but frankly, I don’t care. o.o I’ve also been verbally bullied which actually caused me to run out of a classroom crying my eyes out. [Pathetic when your a girl and guys feel pleasure when they make you cry. :P] Anyway, I don’t really feel psychologically damaged. I just forget it and move on. Back to your question 😀 Cyber Bullying never really stops. It can stay on the internet forever, which means many people have access to it and therefore the bullying could continue. Damages may include depression, thinking suicide, just overall anger and sadness, etc.

I think verbal bullying can be the worse. The words that the bully has said can affect the person. For example if a bully called a person ugly, then the person is going to be believe and that’ll affect how they look at themselves. I’ve been verbally abused and it still has some effect on me.

When it comes to hurting someone’s reputation, cyberbullying is 100 times more powerful than word of mouth. The torment doesn’t necessarily end when the bully stops, it’s up there forever.

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